V86®/jackpot: Svanstedt could have another winner - "She'll have a chance in here"

Last Saturday he showcased an impressive winner in Baron Gift who were just toying with the opponents on V75®.
On Wednesday on the jackpot V86® card Rickard Svanstedt has another good chance - this time with Whitestripe Maid.
"Nobody in this race will out trot her. She's in top from, has a perfect post and she'll have a chance in here" says Svanstedt.

Last Saturday at Jägersro ended with success for the Axevalla licensed trainer. Rickard Svanstedt had a lot of good things to say about Baron Gift before the race and the horse was very impressive when he won the Silver division. He went wire to wire from post one and despite a tough even pace throughout the entire race, Baron Gift kicked in another gear and left the field behind in the last turn to win very easily. That means he's through to the finals on the Elitlopp weekend at Solvalla. 
"That was a lot of fun, actually one of my most fun wins. Especially since the horse was so much improved this start. I had a feeling he would be because we had trained him tougher lately and he was good in a workout in 1:16.5 here at home. He never used to be able to tolerate any tougher training so we always just jogged him in between starts" says Svanstedt.
"Up until halfway through the season as a five year old he was very sore but I think he's been good and sound for a long period of time now so it was a good time to try this. We've been able to train him the same way we do with the other horses and I had a feeling it would show. It's nice when a plan comes together like that".
"He won with the earplugs still in and i know he responds very well to them being pulled. So he was far from tired and I've never felt him this good before. I could tell already in the warm up that he felt different than usual. I also knew he would be better when we pulled his shoes. He's very good barefoot and he had been racing with shoes all winter and it always gives you an extra gear when you pull them".

Would accept an invitation to the Olympic Trot
Where is next start planned for Baron Gift?
"He's already qualified for the silver division final at Solvalla during the Elitlopp weekend. I have to find out if he's allowed to race in any of the gold division legs and still be eligible for the silver division final. If so, his next start might be in the gold division at Romme during Easter weekend".
Even the Olympic Trot was mentioned after his victory last Saturday?
"Ha ha, well if they would call to invite me I would probably say yes. But then I might bite off more than I can chew. He at least needs to race in one of the qualifying legs to get an invitation" Rickard says.

Whitestripe Maid wasn't tired and is in top form
Svanstedt doesn't only have Baron Gift in his 42 horse stable at Bjertorp. Another horse is good form is Whitestripe Maid who is racing in V86®-7 at Åby. A V86 that comes with a jackpot where a possible sole winner can take home SEK 14 million.
Whitestripe Maid has come into top form and has raced very well lately. She started the year with two straight wins before finishing second in a leg of Diamantstoet and followed that up with finishing sixth in the final of Diamantstoet on V75® at Solvalla. She never got out in time and crossed the finish line without being tired.
"Whitestripe Maid (V86-7) has been very good in four starts and she has really taken a big step up after her mini break. She's gone from being a horse for the lunch races to competing against much tougher opponents in Diamantstoet" says Rickard Svanstedt.
"She's scared of the gravel hitting her in her face and won't go full speed until there's a free path. So even if it was hard to tell by watching her, she wasn't tired in her last start. Same thing in the start prior when she finished second and got out too late to be able to win, but she accelerated as she crossed the wire".

"Nobody in this race will out trot her"

This time Whitestripe Maid will start from post one behind the gate over 2,140 meters. She's shown that she can leave the gate very quickly and three starts ago she trotted straight to the lead from post seven. At Åby with double passing lanes, Rickard Svanstedt has several tactical options.
"She left well three starts ago but the start after that she wasn't as sharp and she was also on one line. She feels good now and she trained well today (Monday). I think she will leave quickly and the post position is perfect. The only worry is that she's gotten a little sharp in the lead before and that might be a reason to let someone else go if she starts grabbing on. But that's not something I can decide until the gate leaves and I know how she feels".
"She comes into this race in top form and she trotted 1:14.6 in her last start without the starting gate and she never saw the pylons so she will trot fast here too. I don't see anyone in this race being able to out trot her and with a nice quiet trip she'll have a chance to win. She'll race barefoot, with a pull down bridle and in an American sulky as usual" says Rickard Svanstedt.