V86®/jackpot: Swedish champions racing again

Jenni H Åsberg won Monté-SM (Swedish championships under saddle) with Order To Fly in his last start.
The eight year old has stepped up as one of the country's best monté horses under Åsberg.
"You can't count on winning again just because you have such a nice horse, but I will enter the track with a special feeling" she says. about this V86® start at Bergsåker

On Wednesday the exclamation mark from the Swedish championships at Åby is back on track again with Jenni H Åsberg in the saddle. 
Per Lennartsson trains this eight year old stud horse who were showing signs of having had enough of racing after making SEK two million and battling the best in the country in the gold division on V75®. 
Under saddle Order To Fly turned in to a new horse. After making three starts under saddle since July he's still undefeated together with Jenni H Åsberg. 
His biggest win so far came at the Swedish championships in monté at Åby a few weeks ago. Jenni H Åsberg sat last in the small field and didn't start moving until the last turn. Order To Fly switched gears in a heartbeat and swept the field to win the gold medal. 
"He had such an incredible finish. It shouldn't be possible as slow as the pace was upfront. But he was on top of his game that day and got the job done" says Åsberg, a Bollnäs licensed trainer who Per Lennartsson usually turns to when he's racing a horse under saddle. 

 Horses all over the track
Solvalla and Bergsåker are sharing this week's V86® and a jackpot worth SEK 14 million will attract some extra attention. 
V86-3 will go in Sundsvall and the name of the race is 'Novembermontén', where Order To Fly will start at the back of the field, handicapped with 40 meters. There are 15 horses in this race over 2,140 meters and with 'horses all over the track' and many to go around for the favorite. 
Jenni has to try to get herself in position this time. In the championship race there was a small field and she could wait until the top of the stretch, that won't work now. 
"Ha ha, I'm sure a lot of people were cursing at me when I was sitting last in the field and it was such a thrill to cross the wire first against all odds so to speak. It was all thanks to the horse that we got there first". 

Took a chance at Åby
Order To Fly didn't find the rhythm behind the starting gate and the jockey found it best take him off the gate take a chance racing from behind. 
"Yes, things didn't really work out in the start. He took a bad step and we lost a lot of position. We got away last...and to make a move early...I'm not that type of jockey. In monté it usually works out anyway. I stayed at the pylons the entire first kilometer. You can't send them in every start" Jenni says. 

You've said that you want to ride in the home country of the monté, France. Could it be with this horse?
"I know Per has been thinking about it and it's my dream to ride there. If it will be on this horse, I don't know. Team Lennartsson have found out what works for this horse here at home in Sweden and I don't know what they'll do. He's getting up there in age too, so it's not just to ship him down there to race either. The most important thing is that he feels good and is healthy and he is. Order To Fly has done really well and he's very good in these monté races here at home". 

You recently took your 100th win under saddle. Have you ever ridden a better horse?
"No he beats everything. Just to be able to ride a horse like him is something everyone in the sport of monté dreams of. I'm very grateful that I'm getting the opportunity". 

When did you feel that he was something extraordinary?
"The very first time I warmed him up in Eskilstuna before his first start under saddle back in July. As soon as I got out on the track I felt that he had what it takes and that he would be very good. What I feel when I ride Order To Fly is that he really loves doing it. Linda Nyman (girlfriend of trainer Per Lennartsson) who takes care of him says that he's a different horse now, that he's gotten so self confident under saddle and the competition is still easier than in regular races" says Jenni H Åsberg. 

How do you like your chances on Wednesday?
"I think I have by far the best horse in the field, no doubt. But there are a lot of horses in front of us and we will need some luck too. It's not that easy starting 40 meters behind. But I will enter the track with a special feeling. My toughest opponent is 10 Donners Am who will start 20 meters ahead of us. I've ridden him twice and won with him and he's been very good".