V86®/jackpot:Caroline's yankee making his Swedish debut

Hagmyren licensed trainer Caroline Holm recently got a very interesting addition to her stable.
Coogan is a four year old American import who's never raced on a wintry track before.
On Wednesday it's time for his Swedish debut in V86® at Bergsåker.
"We're hoping to compete in Sprintermästaren and those types of races but this time with corks in his shoes and over the long distance he's just one of many with chance here".

30 year old Caroline Holm is on her fifth year as professional trainer and has specialised in rehab for horses by swimming them in Hudiksvall. 
She also runs a racing stable on the side. Including the rehab horses there are 26 horses in her care, where triple millionaire Nimbus C.D. is the most well known horse. 
In the beginning of this year Coogan arrived to her stable. Coogan last year in September last year for his previous trainer Åke Svanstedt. He made around SEK 500,000 in North America.
Coogan is a horse the Swedish public - or even Caroline herself - doesn't know a lot about. 
"I have received some info on him and also watched some of race replays from over there, but I really don't know a lot about the horse until I race him myself. He's a little special but also very sweet and playful. He hasn't shown us any issues and I'm very thankf ul the owner lets me train this horse" says Caroline Holm.

"We'll take it one race at a time"
Four year old Coogan won five out 18 starts for Åke Svanstedt and trotted 1:10.9 in North America. The owner is Håkan Andersson from Sundsvall  - same Andersson who once upon a time owned mega star Zoogin and others who were trained by Åke Svanstedt. 
"We'll take one race at a time with him but of course we hope he can compete in the bigger four year old races" says Caroline Holm.
After winter training in Hudiksvall it's now time for Coogan to try racing tempo. V86®-5 is a race open for four year olds where Coogan will start 20 meters behind over the long distance 2,640 meters. Ulf Eriksson will drive him in this first start in Sweden. 

"A test for me too"
Håkan Andersson and Caroline Holm are looking at both Kungapokalen and Sprintermästaren for Coogan. A little warning is put out for the bettors to be careful sine it's still just March. 
"It's because of Kungapokalen and those races that i want to get him going already now. I feel the first start is a bit of a test for me too. A horse can act different in training and racing, with horses around. So we'll take this start to get to know him and figure out his equipment and such" says Caroline Holm. 

Quick change
After being imported to Sweden in December he came to Caroline Holm in January. 
Coogan came to a snowy Hudiksvall and got corks in his shoes right away. 
"It was a quick change for him with all the snow. He's been training with corks and he's fine but it's not optimal. I think he'll be much better in the summer when he can race barefoot. He's a bit heavy and clumsy with the corks but we want to start racing him now. There are quite a few nice races for him ahead" says Caroline Holm.
Hard to gauge him yes. But he belongs on the ticket Caroline thinks. 
"I think so yes. He has the ability. But he's only raced over a mile and now it's a long distance race plus the wintry track. A lot of new elements so don't leave him singled out on your ticket, that's my advice. We're also racing Lukas Bris (V86-1) but he needs more races to get in form and has a bad post position here too so we're not very optimistic about him". 

Zoogin-Andersson hopeful 
We're placing a call to Coogan's owner Håkan Andersson in Sundsvall. A man who will forever be the man who owned Zoogin - winner of SEK 25.3 millions in the 90s. 
Now his hopes are on Coogan - no comparison to Zoogin though.
"What did Caroline say? Yes, true we have to start somewhere. Kungapokalen and Sprintermästaren are two possible races for him but you have to see what you've got and give him a couple of starts. Maybe he'll show there's no point trying there, who knows?" says Håkan Andersson. 
Wednesday night will be exciting for everyone associated with this horse. 
"I see that they are already betting him. They see that he has trotted 1:10, but these are totally different conditions. he had some issues over there. His results are good, but could have been better. He had some bad luck when we raced him in the stakes races with a knee that was bothering him but we've taken care of that and he should be fine now. With the right trip he has shown that he has a really strong finish" says Håkan Andersson.