V86®/super jackpot: Going for the payout record

SEK 12.8 millions already in the pool - before it has opened up.
This Wednesday's super jackpot could help set a new payout record in V86® history.
But how do you get all that money?
Here is some help on how you end up the sole winner with all 8 winners picked and SEK 22 millions richer.

Feel like starting the year by winning millions?
Then you have a good reason to take a closer look at this Wednesday's V86® card.
Last week's impossible V86 gave us something as rare as a super jackpot for this week.
That means the pool has an added SEK 12,838,658 for all eight winners picked and that makes ATG® estimate that the possible payout for a sole winner with all eight winners picked will be around SEK 22 millions.
Compare that to the current V86 payout record of SEK 10,898,760 from October 17, 2012 and you'll see this is a unique chance to win some big money.
27 of the 300 V86 cards so far have ended up with nobody picking all eight winners.
These are the cards we'll take a closer look at here.
What would it have taken to pick all eight winners and end up the sole winner?
If we can figure that out, we might also figure out how to play this week's V86 and have a chance at this super jackpot.

One or two winning favorites
Let's start by looking at the number of winning favorites.
In these 27 cards we've gad the following number of winning favorites:
Zero favorites: 3
One favorite: 12
Two favorites: 9
Three favorites: 3
The norm is in these "impossible" V86 cards that one or two favorites end up winning.

Can we find out what "types" of favorites we're talking about?
Here are all the winning favorites in betting percentage:
11-11-30: 50***, 22
12-03-21: 48**
12-07-18: 58**
13-02-27: 24
13-03-18: 35, 46***, 44
13-07-31: 33, 45***, 33
13-08-28: 37, 29, 47
13-10-30: 40, 36
14-01-15: 25
14-02-05: 35, 29
14-02-19: 19
14-08-27: 41, 50
14-10-01: 29, 25
15-01-28: 64**, 32
15-04-15: 30, 41
15-05-13: 51***
15-09-30: 46***, 63**
15-12-30: 70*
16-06-15: 36
16-07-13: 41
17-01-18: 28
17-04-19: 36, 58*
17-10-25: 21
18-01-10: 32

*= most bet horse on the entire card
**= second most bet horse on the entire card
***= third most bet horse on the entire card

It doesn't come as a surprise that the heaviest favorite usually loses on these "impossible" cards. Only twice out of these 27 times the biggest favorite has actually won. The second most and third most bet horses are represented in a more normal way and 31 of the 39 winners were found in the span 24-51% of the tickets.
Conclusion: Single out a horse bet between 24-51% but don't single out the most bet horse on the card.

On the site travfakta.se there is a function where you can pick out race cards and compare them to each other.
Regarding jackpot cards with one or two winning favorites, there are almost exclusively two - not more or less - winning horses bet between 22-63 %. That gives us a basis on how to single out our next horse.
Conclusion: Single out a horse between 22-63%, but not the most bet horse on the card.

Then we have found our two singled horses. We also came to the conclusion that the remaining six winners must be bet no more than 21%.
What sticks out is the span of horses bet between 8-21%. Also here the fact is that these jackpot cards have had two, exactly two, winners in this span. To make it easy, we'll count on that occurring again.
Conclusion: Pick two horses bet between 8-21% to single out.

Before you know it we have four races singled out and only four more to solve. That gives us four races where horses bet 0-7% will win.
Conclusion: Use all horses bet between 0-7% in the four remaining races.

The amount of horses vary of course from race to race, but it's usually around half the field in each race. To make it easy let's say that number is seven in each race.
That gives us a ticket that looks like this: 1x1x1x1x7x7x7x7 which costs us SEK 600.25.
Not too bad for a ticket with potential to take home the biggest payout in V86 history.