V75® (jackpot): "I have had this race in mind for a while"

Christoffer Eriksson thinks that Rackham grows into the elite.
When V75® on Sunday is held in Kalmar, the horse debuts in the gold division.
"I think he is good enough and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up battling for the win" says the Jägersro licensed trainer.

Rackham has charmed the fans more than once with his tenacity and his will to win. He has often had to do it the hard way to win. As a six-year-old, he is now ready to take yet another step. 
"I think he will go all way up to the elite. He has all the tools to do so. He is only six years old and tough as nails and he comes out of all the tough races the right way. After every tough race he is even better in the next start and that's an ability only good horses have". 
The plan was for Rackham to go south, to France this past winter. But the plans changed. 
"We had bad training conditions here at home and I couldn't prepare him the way I wanted, so we chose to stay home and train. I hope we can go next winter and then I will be aiming for the big races". 

Enter the track with a good feeling
On Sunday, V75 comes to Kalmar and Rackham makes his first start in the gold divison, Kalmarsundspokalen. 
"It will be exciting. I have had this race in mind for a while. He has often had to put on the overalls and do the hard work to win. Now, I hope he doesn't have to and the fact that the races go faster in this class benefits him. This is a short distance race, which is not his best distance. He is most effective on the middle distance so far, even if he has raced well on the short distance many times. Last time out, I deliberately gave him a trip off the pace to have him sprint home and he closed very well and felt great". 
Rackham has become faster out of the gate, but he is not among the horses who can take the lead. 
"No, I hope we can find a spot right away. I would like the see a fast pace, because if there is something that Rackham is very good at, he can keep a high speed for a long time". 
If Rackham wins, it would not come as a surprise to the trainer. 
"No, absolutely not. He is in against tough horses, but he is good himself too and the form is questionable on some of the other horses, and some drew bad post positions. If Rackham gets a good trip at a high pace, he will beat many of them down the stretch, hopefully all of them, I wouldn't be surprised if he does. I will enter the track with a good feeling and I am not making any changes”.