V86®: Double chances for Träff

Two horses in good form with nice post positions.
Magnus Träff makes the trip to Bergsåker with two chances to win on V86®.

The Bollnäs licensed trainer Magnus Träff had a good year last year and is off to a good start in 2023 as well.
When Solvalla cohosts V86 together with Bergsåker this Wedensday, he is racing at the Sundsvall track with two horses that will attract a lot of the bettors attention. 
The four-year-old 1 Needle'Em (V86-7) has already taken two of the stable's wins this year, but his last start was not as successful when he tried his luck in a V75 race at Bergsåker. 
Needle'Em was going towards the lead in the Class 2 leg when he rolled over into a break and spoiled his chances. 
"They were going fast into the turn there and he got a bit rough gaited. We checked him up after that start and we also treated him. He feels very good now. The way he feels in training, I don't think there's anything wrong with his form" Magnus says.  
He drew the inside post behind the gate this time. A perfect spot for a horse that can leave as quick as he can?
"I don't really know how fast the others can leave, so it could turn into a trap. But he leaves pretty fast himself and we hope that he can hold up the lead".
The Wednesday race is a handicap, where the horse with the lowest lifetime earnings drew the inside posts. But it should still feel like he has a decent chance to win?
"Yes, it looks like it. The ones who have earned the most money haven't earned that much more so it feels like he fits the class pretty well. He would have done OK without that break when we tried V75 and this time he gets the American sulky back on, which is an advantage. It looks interesting."

"Got the answer we wanted"
The one year older gelding 2 Cornerstone (V86-5) starts shortly before his stable mate.
He has been winless for some time, though. We have to go all the way back to August 15 of last year to find the most recent victory for the son of Wellino Boko. On the other hand, he has constantly hit the board for some time now. In all of his last five starts, he has finished second or third. Last time out, he finished third in a Class 1 leg in V75 at Romme. 
"That was a step in the right direction, I think. It feels like his form is coming, he’s finding his way back to his old self. He has felt super in training after that last start and I thought he raced very well already at Solvalla two starts ago, but he didn't like the surface that day. Last time we got the answer we wanted."
He drew post two in volt start this time. How is that for him?
"Volt start is no advantage for him, he is not that quick in the start, but he's smart, so there shouldn't be any risk of him making a break either. Like I said, he is average at best in the start, but he should be able to find a decent spot". 
It feels like Cornerstone is due for a win now?
"Yes, I think so, He races well every time so it wouldn't surprise me if he hits the board again".
So, the bettors should use both your horses on their V86 tickets?
"I think so. They feel good, drew decent posts and seem to be in good form. So they could probably hit the board, both of them".