V86® (double jackpot): Hot chances for Hamre

Bjerke and Solvalla are co-hosting V86® Xpress this week, which comes with a double jackpot.
Frode Hamre sends out nine starters –several of them with good chances of winning.
"We have very nice horses racing on Wednesday, and I think three of them have really good chances to win. But I also have a few for which I want to put out a small warning, " says the Norwegian champion trainer.

V86® this week comes with a juicy double jackpot since there was no payout for either seven or six winners picked last week. There is a total of SEK 17 million in the pool for all eight winners picked as Bjerke and Solvalla co-host this week's card.
Frode Hamre has nine starters in the four legs at Bjerke, so why not give the Norwegian champion trainer a call and get his take on them? 
We reach Frode Hamre on the phone Sunday afternoon as he is on his way to the races in Klosterskogen. Before leaving he trained several of the Wednesday starters. Frode Hamre has his stable in top form and his horses have won a lot of races this year, and some of his starters on Wednesday are showing several wins in their past performances. 
"4 Cool Trix (V86-1) has been extremely good and hasn't lost in a long time, he has seven straight wins now. He last raced at Bjerke two Sundays ago and won easily in 1:11.5, pretty much unused. He trained yesterday (Saturday) and he still feels good. He's a horse with very good qualities, he races well on all distances and he's very quick in the start. I'm not certain that he can get to the lead here, but he has a chance to win regardless of the trip. I think they will let him go even if he doesn't take the lead initially, and he is the best chance I have on the card" says Frode Hamre, who also puts out a warning for the stablemate.
"5 Daddy Pop (V86-1) trains really well and is in good form, but has had bad racing luck lately. Two starts ago, he and another horse hooked wheels and he made a break. Had that not happened, I think he would have been in the Derby final. The bettors should be aware that his form is better than it looks. He's a pretty good horse and he handles the distance well".

"Likes to win - one of my best chances on the card" 
In the third V86 leg, Hamre has two starters again, and they are picked first and second in the program. 
"4 Fine Wine Fashion (V86-3) is a 3-year-old filly who likes to win, she has been piling up wins lately and in her last recent start, she won easily. She looks good in training and this looks like a nice race for her. She can leave fast and could lead from start to finish. We continue racing her barefoot and in the American sulky. She is the best chance of my two starters in the race and one of my best chances on the entire card".
"9 Fashiononthehill (V86-3) also likes to win races but when he races behind other horses, he turns his head and travels a bit crooked, so he's a bit more complicated. He has lots of talent, but I would be more optimistic if he started in the first tier". 

"Set a new Danish record for mares on 2,600 meters"
Also in the fifth leg, Frode Hamre trains and drives the favorite and has another starter in the race. 
"6 Dionne (V86-5)has raced against tough horses, both in the Jarlsberg Grand Prix as well as in the Derby for mares, last time out. She was a bit roughed up after those starts, but she feels better now. The last time she raced on the short distance was in Jarlsberg, where she trotted 1:11 twice. She's back on the short distance now, which is an advantage and she has trained well this past week. She is one of the horses who can win this race" says Hamre. 
"9 Herecomes Gardenia (V86-5)was very good last Tuesday when she sat fifth over and closed incredibly well. She also raced great two starts ago when she won and set a new Danish record for mares on 2,600 meters. She won that race by open lengths. She moves up in class here and I would be surprised if she wins, but she is good and she always closes well". 

"Might get a blind bridle now - the best chance out of my three"
The Norwegian champion trainer closes out V86 with three starters in the seventh leg. Frode Hamre says he has one hot chance, but he also puts out a warning for another horse.
"2 I.D.Excellent (V86-7)lost a bit surprisingly last Friday. I thought she would win, and I was a bit disappointed with her. She still trotted 1:11.5, is in good form and the distance is her best. She is quick out of the gate and she will race barefoot all around again. But I'm happy if she finishes top five". 
"4 Skate Trix (V86-7) has won many races and he always races well. He always ends up fighting for the win and he can leave OK. He trained this morning (Sunday) and looked good. He has raced with a pull-down bridle, but he might get a blind bridle now that it's a sprint race. I think he is the best chance out of my three in this race. If you don't single Miss Pepper, he should go on the ticket". 
"9 A Perfect Duchess (V86-7)closed extremely well in a middle-distance race last time out where we finished first, second and third. She's in good form and with an overpaced race, she will be dangerous. She will race barefoot again and I don't think she is chanceless" says Frode Hamre. 
Which of these nine V86 starters are your best chances?
"I think it's Cool Trix, Fine Wine Fashion, and Dionne".