V86®: Kylin Blom with great chances - at both tracks

V86® is split between Bergsåker and Solvalla this week.
The key trainer is without a doubt Oskar Kylin Blom who has great chances on paper – at both tracks.
"I don't think I've ever had a Wednesday with so many good chances to win".

You only have to browse the program to understand which trainer is hottest on paper when this Wednesday's V86® is split brotherly between Bergsåker and Solvalla. The Gävle licensed trainer Oskar Kylin Blom makes the trip north to Sundsvall himself to drive three horses, but he also sends two horses south to race at Solvalla.
They should all have a chance to win, according to the trainer who has his stable in top form.
"I have a good one in the apprentice race at Bergsåker too and I don't think I've ever had so many good chances to win on a Wednesday before. All my six starters should have a good chance to win, then a lot depends on what type of trip they get, but I wouldn't be surprised if we win with a couple of them" says Oskar.
We work through the program, as they appear.
2 Kia Ora (V86-1) who two starts ago tried her luck against the best mares in the country in the Swedish Championship for mares, was back home at Gävle in her last start and made it to the winner's circle after having closed impressively.
"She raced huge last time out and has felt good for a long time now and she felt just as good in her last start as she has lately. I have no complaints, she still feels great at home and post position two in volt start shouldn't be any problem. Unless she makes a break, she should have a good chance to win".
So there is a risk of her making a break in the start from post position two?
"I don't really think so, she has been very stable and she has been able to leave well in volt start so it's not impossible that we can take the lead here. I am not committing to any certain tactic though, and I think she races even better from behind but in this field, it might be worth trying her in the lead and she might be a good horse for others to sit behind".

Gotten better after the break - now with a blind bridle
9 Light On Me (V86-4) makes the trip to Solvalla to race in an apprentice race with Mattias Hansson in the sulky. The gelding got a longer break but has now made two starts only nine days apart which has made his form much better.
"Light On Me has gotten two starts in his legs now and he felt great in his most recent outing, he didn't have to go all out and I think he is in top form now. Post position nine in the second tier this time and it's hard to guess where he will sit, but it doesn't make that big of a difference since he doesn't leave that fast anyway. We are hoping for a high pace and that Mattias can get him to go, he has won with this horse before. If the trip works out he should also have a chance to win, since he is back in form now".
Over to Bergsåker. Four-year-old 7 Angel Of Trix (V86-5) made a break at the start, last time out but raced well before that. What can she do, with her trainer in the bike from a post far out behind the gate?
"Yes, she made a break last time out, which was a bit surprising since she hasn't done that in volt start before and she is normally safe so I view it as an accident, it's all forgotten now. I have no other complaints, she has felt great in training after that start. She has really gotten better after the break she got over the summer and with some racing luck, she should be battling for the win, too. It's her first start on the short distance, so she will get a blind bridle this time, I feel really good about her. We drew a bit far out behind the gate, but she left at 1:08-speed at Rättvik, so we will try to leave a bit in the start. It's tough from post seven and we might not make it to the lead, but hopefully, we can find a good spot somewhere and some good cover".

Moving forward 11 minutes
We are back at Solvalla. 6 M.T.Ravishing (V86-6) is trying her luck in a leg of Diamantstoet. In her last start, she won after a fast finish, where she rounded the field three-wide. She trotted the last 800 meters at 1:15-speed. Erik Adielsson will be in the sulky this time.
"She was disqualified for interference when she finished third, two starts ago so it was nice to get some payback last time. She won in a good way and she trotted a good time. Everything is great with her. We have aimed at this race for a while and we have a good post and a good driver and if Erik could find some good cover, she has a strong finish".
There are only three horses at the starting distance. Could we see an aggressive drive here?
"That's totally up to Erik, but if you look at her starts for previous trainers, she has raced best from behind and since she came to me we have given nice trips for the most part. It feels like she is ready to do more of the work herself now and maybe she will be in the lead after 500 meters, or she’ll sit fourth over..."

"I think she is in top form now"
Lastly, 14 Staro Onyourmarks (V86-7) who races at Bergsåker. The five-year-old has made two starts after a break and showed that her form is definitely back in her last at Gävle. She just got up to win after a very fast finish.
"Staro Onyourmarks raced great last time out and also in her return at Bergsåker. Last time out she got paid for her good form and won in a good way, I think she is in top form now. We had both the pull-down bridle and the ear hood left to pull on her, she trotted so fast down the stretch that she couldn't possibly have trotted any faster. She almost made a speed break down the stretch, that's how fast she closed. But, as I said, she wasn't tired. She was on the bit the entire race and nothing suggest she would be any worse this time" says Oskar and adds:
"This is normally a great post position, but maybe not for her who likes a covered-up trip. We can not sit first up, then she won't go. Then I would rather sit fourth at the pylons, but with good cover and some tempo she will end up battling for the win again".