The 8 Major Races

  • Olympiatravet April 29 - Åby Racetrack
  • Elitloppet May 28 - Solvalla Racetrack
  • Norrbottens stora Pris June 17 - Boden Racetrack
  • Svenskt Galoppderby, Thoroughbred July 16 - Jägersro Racetrack
  • Hugo Åbergs Memorial July 25 - Jägersro Racetrack
  • Jubileumspokalen August 16 - Solvalla Racetrack
  • Stockholms Cup, Thoroughbred September 24 - Bro park race course
  • Breeders Crown Finals November 12 - Eskilstuna Racetrack
Upcoming race
Stockholms Cup, Thoroughbred September 24 Bro park race course

The grand finale of Olympiatravet is a real festival, which takes place April 29 at Åby racetrack in Göteborg. Every year 15.000 people gather to watch some of the best horses in the world compete in Olympiatravet. The race does not only attract great horses but also real Olympians. Since the race is a long-term collaboration between ATG, the Swedish Olympic Committee and Swedish Paralympic Committee you can often find some of Sweden’s best Olympians among the audience. The very first race was run in 1979 and outcome from the game V75 have contributed to the Swedish Olympians and Paralympians with a total of SEK 229 million.

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Number of horses: 10 First Prize: 1,5M reigning champion: YOUR HIGHNESS

The story of Elitloppet starts in 1952 when Solvalla celebrated its 25th year as a race track. The track wanted to celebrate with a big international race. Since the race was meant to be a celebration, it was first called Jubileumsloppet and did not take the name Elitloppet until the year after. Back then the international participants traveled by train, in difference from today when the horses from the United States have their own private plane. The biggest legend in the history of Elitloppet is Stig H. Johansson who has participated in 28 editions of the race and won 6 times.

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Number of horses: 8 First Prize: 3,0M reigning champion: NUNCIO
Norr­bottens Stora Pris

The tradition of racing with trotters in Sweden is strong. We can therefore present a race with the first prize of SEK 1 million on Sweden’s northernmost racetrack, Boden. A race like this should not be possible on such a relatively small track, but the tradition is strong in the amazing north of Sweden and something they are very proud about.

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Number of horses: 10 First Prize: 1,0M reigning champion: PROPULSION
Svenskt Galopp Derby, Thorough­bred

A new comer among Sweden Major Races is Svenskt Galopp derby. The name Derby was created during the 1700th century when the development of thoroughbred racing took place. Lord Derby and Lord Bunbury tossed a coin to determent which one of the gentlemen that would get to name a new big race for 3-year-olds. Lord Derby won and the first Derby took place in 1780.

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Number of horses: Max 15 First Prize: 1,5M reigning champion: DUKE OF BURDEN
Hugo Åbergs Memorial

Hugo Åbergs Memorial will be the fifth race running within the Sweden Major Races 2017 series. The tradition of Hugo Åbergs Memorial first started as a memorial race for Hugo Åberg who was a builder and a great profile for harness racing at Jägersro. The first edition of the race took place 1970. And since then the race always takes place the last Tuesday in July at Sweden’s southernmost racetrack. This year it will be July 25th and the track is of course Jägersro. The race is a Group I international race with the first prize of SEK 1 million.

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Number of horses: 10 First Prize: 1,0M reigning champion: PROPULSION

The story of Jubileumspokalen starts the same way as Elitloppet, as a celebration for Solvalla. This time the celebration was for Solvalla’s 50th year as a race track. Jubileumspokalen is the sixth stage of the Sweden Major Races 2017 series. The race was from the beginning open for all horses, but in 2009 it was decided that it would be a 5-year-old race competition. Since then we have seen a lot of stars win the race: Nuncio, Iceland, Varenne and Zoogin to mention a few.

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Number of horses: 12 First Prize: 1,0M reigning champion: NUNCIO
Stockholm Cup, Thorough­bred

Stockholm cup was not originally the name of the race that first took place during the 1930s. The race was originally only open for imported horse if they had Swedish owners and were created as a race for the elite. The configuration of the race has changed a lot thru the years. 1956 was the first time the race was arranged during the same conditions as today and the name Stockholm Cup did not appear until 1979. The race has been arranged on three different tracks during the years. Back in 1956 the total purse was SEK 81.000, which back then was double the amount of the total purse in The Swedish Thoroughbred Derby. Therefore, it is easy to understand why this is one of the biggest thoroughbred races in Sweden. Since last year the race is held at the brand new track Bro Park which is located north of Stockholm with large open spaces and fabulous scenery.

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Number of horses: Max 15 First Prize: 1,4M reigning champion: QUARTERBACK
Breeders Crown Finals

Breeders' Crown finals are the last races of the year in Sweden Major Races series. This is a series of races for 3 and 4 year old horses that have been ongoing throughout the whole year 2017. Eliminations are being held at Solvalla. The finals take place at Eskilstuna racetrack. There are four final races, 3-year-old colts and geldings and 3-year-old fillies, 4-year-old colts and geldings and finally 4-year-old fillies. The total purse in each final is SEK 1,7 million.

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Number of horses: 12 First Prize: 0,8M