This is Sweden Major Races

Major Races 2017

Shaped by the rugged terrain – and extreme variations of climate. Formed by history – with centuries of experience and tradition. This is where true horsepower is born. Horsepower hardened by the long, harsh Swedish winters. Skillfully tuned to perfection under the endless light of the midnight sun.

Racetracks are found all over Sweden. From Malmö in the south to Boden in the far reaches of the amazing north.

A select few of these racetracks host the Major Races. These are some of the premier horse racing events in the world – where the very best horses and drivers meet to compete at the highest international level.

This spring the action begins with the international flavor to compete in Sweden with great harness and thoroughbred racing together with betting in world-class.

We have the great pleasure of inviting you to be a part of the Major Races running from April 29 to November 12 of 2017. The Sweden Major Races includes six highlighted harness races and one thoroughbred race on the brand new race course Bro Park outside Stockholm.

Schedule of Sweden Major Races 2017:

  • Olympiatravet at Åby racetrack on April 29
  • Elitloppet at Solvalla racetrack on May 28
  • Norrbottens Stora Pris at Boden racetrack on June 17
  • Svensk Galopp Derby at Jägersro race course on July 16
  • Hugo Åbergs Memorial at Jägersro racetrack on July 25
  • Jubileumspokalen at Solvalla racetrack on August 16
  • Stockholm Cup, Thoroughbred, at Bro Park race course on September 24
  • Breeders Crown Finals at Eskilstuna racetrack on November 12

Join in the action – and claim your prize!

Tracks for Major Races

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