GS75®: Three GS75® singles and one winner from his own stable

​Big races at his home track. Then Julian McLaren sends out three horses from his stable and gives us a winner in the third race which is not on GS75®.
"Manassas is feeling very good and if he just gets a normal trip he should have a good chance to win this" says Julian.

The Julian McLaren stable has had a good year on the racetracks and even if the undersigned does not want to jinx the final part of the season, he looks to be on his way to a record breaking year. 
"The stable has been good and has taken a bunch of nice wins and the win percent has been at a good level. I think we have shown that even a smaller trainer who can't buy the expensive yearlings can have a chance in the big races too" says McLaren. 
Julian also confindently looks forward to the end of the year as well as next year. 
"My horses look fantastic right now and the way I see it there's a good part of the season left. If the rest of the year goes as smoothly as it's gone so far I hope to beat last year's record numbers". 
"It also looks promising for the future since I'm very pleased with the material I have in the stalls today" says McLaren. 
"Can do better than what she has shown"
Manassas (race 3) is a horse already mentioned in the lead which Julian has a lot of faith in this week and he also sends out two more starters, both on GS75. 
"Regarding Mr Kygos (GS75-3) we can just forget his last start - pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong that day. The horse was excused and his form should be good on Sunday".
"He's coming out in a handicapped race and the margins are small, but I won't be surprised if he finishes top three. It could be tough to win but it looks like he could take a big part of the purse". 
"Equipment-wise he will race with can't-see-back side rolls. He has also raced with blinkers at times, but we'll go with the side rolls this time" says Julian. 
His second starter on GS75 comes out in the final leg and that is In Vero We Trust who is in the rich Lanwades Stud Stakes with a total purse of SEK 664,000. 
"I was of course disappointed when I saw that she drew as far out as 14. I thought the field would be smaller but now it's a 15 horse field and then we would have liked to be closer to the inside".
"On top of that she is in against the best fillies and mares in Scandinavia plus some foreign guests which is why I can't think she could win this". 
"On the flip side of it I don't think they will outclass her. This filly can do better than what she has shown so far and and I want to point out that she has run the same times as Silent Night on the same race days but in different races" says McLaren. 
Three singles
McLaren has more talents than just training horses. He can also be seen frequently on ATG live as a host and as an expert and he has dug deep into the Sunday card.
"I think there are three strong singles to rely on. Duca di Como looks to have a walk in the park in GS75-1 and he will simply win Tattersalls Nickes Minneslöpning just like he did last year".
"The fun horse to single is Thunderey in GS75-4 which is Svealandslöping. This is an extraordinary horse by Night Of Thunder -  the same sire as Silent Night. Trainer Wido Neuroth's two year olds have been very good this year and Thunderey has already won a race by four lengths at Bro park this year. I think it will be same this time". 
"The feature Stockholm Cup I think will be as exciting as last year. Square de Luynes won by nine lengths and I don't think he's any worse this year" McLaren speculates. 
On a buying spree
It's not only the great races that McLaren can look forward to this weekend. 
"On Saturday night there's a yearling sale and then I will hopefully fill up my stable with some interesting prospects. I have received some inquiries about selling a horse in shares and the plan is to buy one or two horses this weekend to later sell shares in them". 
"If somene reads this and feels like getting a share they can reach out to me" says Julian. 
There you have the plan to fill up the stable for continued success in the coming years for the Bro Park licensed trainer.