Offer and solution

Commingling is available to all pools on Swedish horse racing. Throughout ITSP for all regular games like Win, Show etc. and ATG® Betting Interface (ABI) for all games, including the V products. Feature for batch betting is also available through the API. ATG also collaborate with several service provider and partners around the world to make commingling easier for our partners.

Race data and betting information are available by web service based and online updated ATG Information Service (AIS), race programs with past performance in PDF and race card information by XML. ATG provide partners with tips, handicapping and ranking by third party experts in Sweden and available via PDF and/or XML feed. ATG’s own media company Kanal 75 produces all Swedish horse racing live broadcast with English commentary and graphics.

A media archive with race replays is available with more than 50 000 races. All live streaming and on-demand is managed by the ATG Vision platform. ATG provide partners with certain amount of marketing support for Swedish horse racing and our games. Routines for settlement are in place to manage commingling on Swedish horse racing between ATG and their partners.


ATG provide a certain amount of giveaways, racing action photos and graphic guidelines to use in promoting Swedish horse racing and our games together with commercials and ads – both for retail and web sites.

Data feed and widgets

ATG offering data feed for Swedish horse racing for our certified international partners and our games with online updates through API web service based on SOAP/XML technology called ATG Information Service (AIS) together with XML feeds. ATG can also provide historical race field race data in bulk text files for importing to your information systems and support your players.

ATG can also supply widget and ticket technologies which are developed continuously together with our partners. This includes features for live video streaming, on-demand race replays, downloading race replays for analyzes and race data together with technical knowhow and support.