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UET Grand Prix October 14 Solvalla

The 10 Major Races


The first major race of the year is a Group I international race over middle-distance of 2140 meters, at Åby racetrack. With horses qualifying through preliminary rounds as well as wild card invitations, Paralympiatravet each year brings some of the best competition in the world! Additionally, Paralympiatravet contributes to the parasports through a cooperation with the Swedish Paralympic Committee.

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Number of horses: 10 First Prize: 1,5M Reigning Champion: Who’s Who

The world’s most prestigious sprint race! The story of Elitloppet starts in 1952 when Solvalla celebrated its 25th year as a race track. The track wanted to celebrate with a big international race. Elitloppet is traditionally raced on the last Sunday of May, a date well known for all Swedish trotting enthusiasts. Solvalla racetrack holds races from Friday to Sunday which makes up a meeting, known as "The Elitloppet weekend". The biggest legend in the history of Elitloppet is Stig H. Johansson who has participated in 28 editions of the race and won 6 times.

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Number of horses: 8 First Prize: 5M Reigning Champion: Etonnant
Norrbottens Stora Pris

The fantastic race in the Midnight Sun! The action takes place on Sweden’s northernmost racetrack, Boden! The event starts late in the evening, under the light of the midnight sun. The combination Midnight Sun and world class racing is something unique for Boden - in the far reaches of the amazing north. This is a race people from northern Sweden are very proud of

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Number of horses: 10 First Prize: 0,5M Reigning Champion: Don Fanucci Zet

The most prestigious sprinter race in Sweden for 4-year-olds! Raced over a 1 mile distance, both heat and final are held on the same day, at Halmstad racetrack. Raced annually since 1971, stars such as Scarlet Knight, Brad de Veluwe and Nuncio have been victorious over the years. Who will be the sprint champion of the 4-year-olds this year?

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Number of horses: 10 First Prize: 1,2 Reigning Champion: Francesco Zet
Hugo Åbergs Memorial

Enjoy the Swedish summer with a classic race for the older elite! The tradition of Hugo Åbergs Memorial first started as a memorial race for Hugo Åberg who was a builder and a great profile for harness racing at Jägersro. The first edition of the race took place 1970. And since then the race always takes place the last Tuesday in July at Sweden’s southernmost racetrack. The race is a Group I international race.

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Number of horses: 10 First Prize: 1,6M Reigning Champion: Don Fanucci Zet
Åby stora pris

Another worldclass race on part of the Swedish Major races! After Elitloppet, this is the second most prestigous trotting race on the Swedish racing calendar. A race for horses above 4-years of age over long distance, 3140 m. History goes back to 1936 when the first start took place at Åby racetrack outside of Gothenburg.

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Number of horses: 12 First Prize: 2M Reigning Champion: Moni Viking

The best 5-year-olds in the world! The story of Jubileumspokalen starts the same way as Elitloppet, as a celebration for Solvalla. The race was from the beginning open for all horses, but in 2009 it was decided that it would be a 5-year-old race competition. Since then we have seen a lot of stars win the race: Nuncio, Iceland, Varenne and Zoogin to mention a few.

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Number of horses: 12 First Prize: 1M Reigning Champion: San Moteur
Stockholm Cup

A prestigous thoroughbred race in the capital of Sweden! Stockholm cup was not originally the name of the race that first took place during the 1930s. 1956 was the first time the race was arranged during the same conditions as today but the name Stockholm Cup did not appear until 1979. Since 2018 the race is held at the new track Bro Park located north of Stockholm with large open spaces and a fabulous scenery.

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Number of horses: 12 First Prize: 1M Reigning Champion: Hard One To Please
UET Grand Prix

With the best 4-year-olds in Europe participating, the UET Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious races in the world! Each year the race is hosted at one of the major racetracks in Europe, and this year Sweden’s Solvalla racetrack will be the host. The first edition of the UET Grand Prix was held in 1985 and earlier winners include legendary horses such as Bold Eagle, Maharajah and Face Time Bourbon.

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Number of horses: 12 First Prize: 2M Reigning Champion: Ideal Du Pommeau
Breeders Crown

The elite series for youngsters! Breeders' Crown finals are the last races of the year in Sweden Major Races series. This is a series of races for 3 and 4 year old horses that have been ongoing throughout the whole year 2022. Eliminations are being held at Solvalla. The finals take place at Eskilstuna racetrack. There are four final races, 3-year-old colts and geldings and 3-year-old fillies, 4-year-old colts and geldings and finally 4-year-old fillies.

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Number of horses: 12 First Prize: 0.8M Reigning Champion: Francesco Zet