This section is about cookies, and aims to provide you with clear information about what cookies are and how they work, how cookies are used by ATG® International, how to refuse cookies and what happens if you do not approve cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file websites store on visitors’ computer. Most websites use cookies for, e.g. basic functionality on the website, to recognize return visitors and to remember their preferences regarding logins or settings on the website. For example, a cookie may contain information on the name of the website, the cookie's lifespan (i.e. how long it is stored on the visitor's computer), on the cookie, and the preferences the visitor chose in regard to the site's settings.

There are two main types of cookies. One type is called session cookies, which have no expiration date and are stored on the visitor's device until the visitor closes the browser. The other type is cookies stored on the visitor's device for a certain amount of time. This kind of cookie may, for example, be used to remember the visitor's preferences, and will not be deleted when you close your browser.

There are also third-party cookies, which involves other suppliers placing cookies on visitors to this site. These may be placed in order to obtain visitor statistics.

How are cookies used on

ATG International uses cookies for, among other things, the site's functionality, visitor statistics and user optimization. This will enable us to offer you the best possible visitor experience. See the list below for a detailed list of the cookies used.

How do I approve/refuse cookies?

It is up to you, the visitor, to choose whether to approve or refuse our cookies. Most browsers are pre-set to accept cookies, but by accessing your browser settings, you can choose to refuse cookies in the future, see which ones are already stored as well as delete stored cookies.

Refusing cookies may, for example, mean that certain features do not work properly. Refusing cookies on our site may complicate the work to improve the website.

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Questions about our cookies?

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