Maori Time impressive in training - stays with Stig H Johansson

Brent Lilley is enjoying the Swedish May sunshine.
It's a record warm May in Stockholm.
On the question how he likes it in Stockholm he gives a typical Australian answer:
"The weather is great and the beer is cold" says the trainer of Maori Time, the most exotic guest in this year's Elitlopp.

We are at Stora Alby - Stig H Johansson's training center in Upplands Väsby.
It's 7 am. Despite the early hour the temperature is nearing 25 degrees celsius and the sun is shining form a clear blue sky.
We are here to watch Maori Time train.
Maori Time is the fastest trotter of all time over the short distance in Australia.
On February 24 the eight year old mare won in 1:09.3.
Wednesday's training trip is over 3000 meters at Stora Alby's training track.
Stig H is one of three gentlemen, plus a TV-team and a writing journalist looking over at the track where a lone horse is simply flying in the last of the three laps. Maori Time looks fantastic in the hands of her trainer Brent Lilley.
"That looked very good" says Stig H Johansson. The seven time Elitlopp winner is just as impressed as everyone else watching by the high speed.

Very pleased trainer
Brent Lilley is shining like sun after the successful training trip.
"She felt great and trotted perfectly. The plan was to give her an easy trip but she felt so good I decided to let her go a little bit the last lap. It wasn't quite race speed... This was her first quicker training trip in ten days".
What does her training schedule leading up to Elitloppet look like?
"On Saturday she will go a light trip over 4000 meters in an even pace and on Monday Stig will try her in a race bike over 2000 meters. After that we'll see how we do the rest of the week, if she will train once or twice more".

Stays with Stig H
Brent Lilley also gives us a big piece of news. Maori Time will finish her racing career with Stig H Johansson.
"Yes, I asked Stig this morning and she will stay here in with him after Elitloppet. Stig says there are many good races for her here and good money for her to race for. Back home in Australia there are very few sprint races and she would have to stay in quarantine for five weeks".
"The plan was for her to become a brood mare following this season, but if she does well here we might race her one more year. That will be up to Stig" says Brent Lilley.

Likes it best in the lead
"She can leave the gate very quickly. She likes it best in the lead and over the sprint distance she can keep a high pace the entire mile. Back home she always takes the lead behind the gate but here and against these horses it will be harder of course. We're hoping for a good post and that she can reach the lead. She of course need some luck too but it would be fantastic if she could make it to the final".
Which would be the best post position for her?
"Number one".
What about two heats?
"She's done that before, no problem".
"She will race with shoes in the elimination and if we go the final we might go without shoes there. She also races with pullout earplugs and a pull down bridle".