V75 (jackpot): "I have never bottomed him out"

Oscar Ginman is on a terrific journey with A Fair Day.
On Saturday, they are chasing the SEK 1.6 million first prize in the Breeders Crown final.
"I think he is just as good as anyone. My horse just keeps getting better".

The Saturday race card at Eskilstuna does not only include V75 with its jackpot, where a sole winner could take home SEK 45 million. There is also big money on the line for the country's best 3- and 4-year-olds. The Breeders Crown finals come with a first prize of SEK 1.6 million each.
The Kalmar-trained horse A Fair Day has astounded the Swedish trotting fans lately. The 4-year-old won his semifinal easily and he is one of the favorites to win the final.
A Fair Day is trained by the Kalmar licensed amateur trainer Elisabeth Almheden and is driven by Oscar Ginman. He has been in the trotting business for most of his life and he was, like many others, born into the sport. Oscar's father Tommy R Karlsson had lots of success with Roland Korsar in the late 80s and into the 90s.
Oscar Ginman worked as an apprentice for many years, he showed early that he was a talented driver and he has won several V75 races.
"I think I have won around 15 V75 races. I worked for Fredrik Persson for ten years and got many drives and did well, and I won several races, some of them on V75" says Ginman.
He now has a regular job outside the horse business and drives when he can.
"All the traveling is tough and eight years ago I came to a point where I had to make a choice and I chose a job outside of the horse business with regular work hours. I have a family and I don't want to sacrifice too much. There are lots of horses in our family already and we have recently opened up a riding school at our own farm, just outside Kalmar. Two nights a week we have classes and, on the weekends, younger kids are coming to play and to learn how to ride".

A fantastic journey
After a while, the conversation moves its focus to A Fair Day who has become a bit of a fan favorite lately together with Oscar.
"It's a fantastic journey that I am being a part of, together with the connections of the horse. It's awesome and also good for the sport that a small amateur trainer can get a horse like this".
What makes A Fair Day so good?
"He is just a complete racehorse. I have never bottomed him out. He just keeps getting better with each start he makes".
What are your tactical plans for Saturday?
"I will leave as fast as he can out of the gate and if I get to the lead, the plan is to race him there. He is very fast out of the gate. Last time out, I just let cruised alongside Johan Untersteiner, before I asked the horse to go after 100 metes. If I can't get to the lead, I hope to get as good of a trip as possible, I'd like to avoid being parked if I can, even if he can handle a first over trip too".
Are you making any changes?
"No, we will race him barefoot, with a regular style sulky, and an open bridle. There are extra gears left to use and he races with a set earhood and lots of weight still. We want to race him for many years and there is no rush to go all in with him already now".
How do you like your chances?
"My horse has shown that he is just as good as anyone in the race and we can win if the trip works out".
Are you nervous?
"Not yet, maybe I will be as we get closer to the race. This is the biggest race I have driven and to get to do it with a horse who has a good chance to win is huge for me and there should be some sorts of nerves involved. Either way, it will be cool".