V75® (Wednesday): "He is tough to pass"

In his last start, Icebreaker Pellini won Sommarfavoriten very easily.
When Solvalla arranges their big trot fest with V75® this Wednesday, he will be a hot winning candidate again.
"I think he will take the lead and then he could be tough to pass" says trainer Maria Törnqvist.

A real trot fest is upon us at Solvalla. V75 spiced up with Margareta Wallenius-Klebergs Pokal, European Championships for mares, and the classic, Big Noon-pokalen are just a few of the highlights.
Someone who looks forward to the beginning of the week is Maria Törnqvist. On Tuesday there is an interesting yearling sale that she will follow and on Wednesday, she starts one of the best horses in her stable, the 3-year-old Icebreaker Pellini, in Big Noon-pokalen with SEK 200,000 to the winner where the 3-year-olds start 20 meters ahead of the 4-year-olds.
"Yes, that will be a couple of exciting days. It's a great looking sale with a fantastic roster that is very attractive and I have been to many of the breeding farms and have seen the yearlings there, and hopefully I can buy some of them" says Maria Törnkvist.
A horse that is close to her heart is the 3-year-old Icebreaker Pellini whose career is off to a promising start. In his last start, he won Sommarfavoriten.
"He's a very nice colt. I bought him already as a weanling. I usually don't, since they grow so much at that age and change a lot in a short period of time, but he was such a good-looking foal and I like his dame too. It was a bit of a gamble with Tactical Landing as the sire. He didn't have any offsprings that had started racing at that point, but he proved to be good. Icebreaker Pellini is one of the best horses I have trained".

Will be tough to pass
Icebreaker Pellini is in against horses that are a year older and much more experienced, this Wednesday.
"He's in a bit tough in this race, but I didn't want to race him in E3 since it's not an open draw in the sense that we don't know the opponents, and I don't like that. When you have paid your horse into a race, I think it should be open so we know who we race against. I chose this race, he won easily in his last start and wasn't tired, and as good as he feels I think he should do well here too".
How does he feel after his last start?
"Very good. He's a big horse, one of the biggest horses I have trained. Dwight Pieters has driven him perfectly and has let him finish strong and hasn't emptied him for several starts now. Icebreaker Pellini is constantly developing and last time out he raced barefoot which gave him an extra kick".
How fast can he leave in volt start?
"Icebreaker Pellini is fast in the start and I think he will take the lead; I would be surprised if he doesn't".
So, the tactic is clear then?
"Yes, he should be raced in the lead and he showed in his last start that he is tough to pass".
How do you like your horse's chances?
"The 4-year-olds 20 meters behind us benefit from the short field, but many of them are not used to these conditions, and now that it's volt start, they have to race in the regular style sulkies, so that benefits us. If Icebreaker Pellini gets to set the pace in the lead, I think he will be tough to pass, I'm pretty optimistic".
How does his upcoming fall season look?
"We are aiming him at the Kriterium and hopefully he can make the final there. That would be the end of his season and then we will start getting him ready for his 4-year-old campaign, which will be very exciting. I think there is still a lot of development left in him".