Beat the swedes at their own game – sign up for V75® World Cup

Would you like to beat the Swedish punter’s at their own game?
And collect a cool 250 000 SEK?
This is your chance.
Enter “V75® World Cup 2017” and try to become the next world champion.

V75® is the most popular form of harness betting in Sweden.
The task is to pick the winners in seven races.
If you get them all right you can become a millionaire, and you get money for six or five correct picks as well.
The average turnover on V75 Saturday is about 80 million SEK.
When there is a jackpot it often reaches over 100 million.
The highest payout in V75-history was recorded on February 27 2010 at Axevalla racetrack, when the winner got over 67 million SEK.
But “V75 World Cup” actually isn’t about winning the most money.
It’s about picking the most winners.
The competition runs for six weeks starting October 21, after which 16 finalists will be decided and invited to Stockholm to compete for the title.
The rules are very easy.
Bet one system of 192 combinations on V75 every week.
Discount your worst score during the six weeks.
The international punter with most picked winners gets to travel to Stockholm and compete for the titel “World Champion of V75”.

Austrian WC in 2014

Do you fear that none swedes might be at a disadvantage?
Don’t be.
One of the spots in the final is reserved for international competitors.
And the “foreigners” have fared well in the past.
In 2014 Austrian Johann Leidenfrost became World Champion after beating the natives in the final, where knowledge about harness-racing is the most important criteria.
The year after fellow Austrian Andreas Steiner fell just short and got the silver.
So, read all about V75 World Cup 2017 and sign up now on
Then you are set up to fight for great cash prizes as well as the eternal honor of being best at what the swedes generally refer to as “the greatest betting game in the world”.

Prizes are:
Winner: 250 000 SEK
Second: 75 000 SEK
Third: 50 000 SEK