International punters won over four million euro on V75®

New Year’s Eve made dreams come true for V75®-fans in Germany and Malta.
The two biggest payouts on ATG®:s Multijackpot went to international punters.
The winners got over two million euros respectively.


Sweden’s most popular form of betting is growing.
The possibility to compete for pots of five million euros and beyond every Saturday has drawn attention from punters worldwide.
On New Year’s Eve ATG® saved up for a “twice-in-a-year” Multijackpot that had over ten million euros in total winnings.
The two biggest checks went to bettors outside of Sweden.
A group of German harness enthusiasts made their V75®-system through Sporttech DC Essen and collected 2,2 million euros.
- We are great fans of Swedish trotting. The sport isn’t as good here in Germany so we follow the races from Sweden every day, says Niklas Kaeseler, the spokesperson for the group, to
Niklas is a 42-year old geography teacher who has visited Sweden to watch the biggest trotting events every year since he saw Beau Mec win the Swedish derby in 2009.

“Went for the big buck”
The system that got all seven winners was very big, and was sold out in 700 shares á 30 euro.
- The interest was very big this time. It was not 700 persons buying shares, but many that took several. I had six myself but I know someone who had 80, says Niklas Kaeseler to
Every share paid 3 180 euro.
The total cost of the system was just over 20 000 euro.
- We went for the big buck today, hence the large stake. This is a dream come true, says Niklas Kaeseler.

A Swede living in Malta
But the other winner took it all for himself.
A native swede residing in Malta also picked the seven winners and was rewarded with over 2,1 million euros.
The bet was made through Maltco Lotteries in St Julian’s.