Premiere for merged pools

On Monday ATG® will launch merged betting pools.
For the bettors this will result in more stable odds generally and a more precise show odds.
"It's very exciting and a new era for single race bet types" says Nicklas Jonsson, Head of Horse Betting at ATG.

So far the betting forms vinnare (win), plats (show), tvilling (exacta), komb and trio have been bet in separate pools.
That means that the win bettors have been fighting each other in one pool, the show bettors in another pool and so on.
In races with small pools this could means huge swings in odds during the last few minutes, or seconds before the start.
It also limits the attraction to place a bigger bet, when it risks lowering the odds significantly.
With a merged pool for all single race bet types, these effects will be much less, simply because the pools will be bigger.

Technology from Nasdaq
But how is it possible to combine different betting forms into one pool?
The method is based on technology from Nasdaq's Longitude - Nasdaq is the same company that runs a number of stock markets around the world, Stockholm included - and it was first adopted in Hong Kong in 2014.
A computational engine converts all bets placed into one and the same betting form.

More precise show odds
This technology also makes it possible to give the bettor the exact show odds of each horse since that will no longer depend on which other horses there will be a pay out on.
That means that the expected odds we have seen before such as 1,50-2,20 will disappear.
Instead, show will have a determined odds at the time the windows are closed.
This also means there will be no more jackpot pools.
Should a winning combination not be bet on by anyone, for example a winning trio, that money will be divided among the winners in the other betting forms.
During the introduction, the merged pools will be in use during the lunch races on Swedish racetracks starting at Mantorp on Monday.