Press Release: Year-End Report ATG®


Historic Record Year for ATG®

Sales volumes for AB Trav och Galopp (ATG) in 2016 have proved to be the highest in the history of ATG. The year's growth had a strong finish at a record high of 7 percent.
"2016 was an all-time high for ATG and is a result of the investments we are making to improve the customer experience and interest in horse racing,” says Lotta Nilsson Viitala, Finance Director at ATG.

Certainly, 2016 was a historic year for ATG. Never before has turnover been so high. The new record figures for the Swedish betting sales were SEK 13.3 billion, a growth of 5.9 percent. Net betting sales stood at SEK 4.1 billion for 2016, an increase of 7.0 percent. The figures for net sales were also the highest in company history.

This strong performance and record sales volumes result in the most part from increased sales activity and the more intense engagement in V75® as well as new products, V75 Boost, Virtual Racing and Top 7.

During the year, expenses have increased by 16 percent, which is in line with planning and attributed to the investments ATG has made to be able to create an even more engaging and immersive gambling experience and appealing meeting place for betting.

“Our owners, the Swedish Trotting Association and the Swedish Jockey Club, has in recent years chosen to reinvest in ATG in order to create more interest in the horserace betting and prepare for the upcoming licensing market. Even though ATG has invested in new products and services, our net costs are still the lowest in the industry,” says Lotta Nilsson Viitala.

From a global perspective, ATG’s investments and activities aimed at raising interest in horserace betting certainly bear comparison with those of its peers on the international arena. Overall, ATG is developing very strongly in comparison with many other horse racing countries.

ATG's profit after contribution of SEK 1.7 billion to the owners of the Swedish Trotting Association and the Swedish Jockey Club is SEK 8.6 million for the year.

“This is in line with planning and our goal for 2018 to increase funding for trotting and thoroughbred racing by SEK 300 million, and go towards fulfilling our mission to make Sweden more alive, says Lotta Nilsson Viitala.

 The attached document is the year-end report.