Sulky information for current starts

New for this week on is sulky information for current starts.
The info will be provided by Svensk Travsport starting with the races for Sunday, March 1.
"This is something our customers have requested and we are very happy that we are able to provide that now" says Nicklas Jonsson, Head of Horse Betting at ATG®.

The information will be presented in the digital programs and the sulkies will be divided into three categories at ATG:

• Yankee (Y)
• Hybrid (H)
• Regular (R)
• No information (-)

Trainers are responsible for providing information on which sulky will be used and they do so at the time of entry. Same goes for the shoeing information which will be available again since the ban to race barefoot during the winter ends this Sunday.

"We need to respect the fact that is something new for the trainers and that it will need some time to settle, but this is a very good development for our customer who are very thirsty for information" says Nicklas Jonsson.

From the time of entry until 15 minutes prior to post time of the first race of the day in question the trainers can change the information regarding both sulky and shoeing as the weather and track condition can change their final decision.

If a trainer changes the sulky from the most recent start, the choice will be marked red in the program, just as it does with the shoeing information.

ATG has earlier had sulky information from previous starts which has been provided by a partner.
"It has been good and appreciated and it's of course even better to be able to provide information on what type of sulky the horse will use in the current start" says Nicklas Jonsson and adds:
"A side effect when we gather the new official information from Svensk Travsport is that sulky information from starts made prior to March 1 unfortunately will disappear from the programs on For a transition period of one month we will therefor, for the main track of the day, provide that information separately".