V64 Xpress — the new Friday night entertainment

Starting at 20:30 — ending at 21:30.
Friday is the opening night for V64 Xpress.
One hour of highly intense trotting entertainment from two different racetracks.
"We are convinced that the package as a whole, with a later post time, quicker race card and races from two tracks, with an enhanced TV broadcast on ATG Live will be a very good fit on Friday nights" says Nicklas Jonsson, Head of Horse Betting at ATG.

A new concept, inspired by V86 on Wednesdays.
That will become reality on Friday when ATG launches V64 Xpress.
Kalmar and Romme co-host the V64 race card where six races will be completed in an hour.
"There will be reporters at both tracks to gather as much information as possible for the viewers. After the races, there will be half an hour dedicated to V75 the next day" says Nicklas Jonsson about the project that will go on for the next 13 Fridays.
"V86 Xpress is being made in close cooperation with Svensk Travsport (Swedish Trotting Association) and the fall season is a good time based on the racing schedule. We hope and believe that this will increase the interest in the trot races on Fridays, but after December 10 we will sit down and evaluate this and listen to all the parties involved, to hear how they think it has worked out" says Nicklas Jonsson.

Racing for big money at Kalmar
The opening night doesn't look like an easy card to solve.
The V64 card starts off with two 3,000 meter races handicapped over four starting distances.
After that, Romme has a youth race and an elimination to the Women's national driving championship, where many drivers we rarely see in these bigger betting forms get the chance.
To that, we add two high class races from Kalmar.
It starts with Vilhelm Johanssons Minne, for four and five-year-old mares.
The first price of SEK 200,000 has attracted some of the biggest talents in the country, led by Adrian Kolgjini's Kali Smart — a recent upset winner on V75 (pictured above).
Mares are also in focus in the last V64 leg, which is the final of the fillies and mares series with SEK 150,000 to the winner.
A race that, if they stay on schedule will finish at 21:30.
If you choose to follow the entire evening of races from Kalmar, you will get another highlight as the very talented King's Trophy champion from 2019, Campo Bahia will make his first start in 14 months, in Kalmar's second race at 18:42.

TV-schedule Friday:
20:15-21:30 ATG Live, V64 Xpress
21:30-22:00 ATG Live, V75 Preview
22:00-22:30 Sportkanalen, Vinnare V64.
ATG Live can be seen at atg.se and in its own channel at Tele2 (channel 18) and at Allente (channel 23).