V75®: Berglund has a new winning machine

He has recently gotten an ultra talent and potential class climber in training.
The German winning machine Naheed is undefeated in two starts for Oscar Berglund as he now debuts on V75.
"I'm very lucky to get such a fantastic horse in training. I have to believe that he can win again" says Berglund.

Hagmyren is hosting V75 this week and that track has one of the shortest home stretches in Sweden - 161 meters. Oscar Berglund makes the trip from Östersund with two very capable horses who both are used to winning. We know Pleasure For Cash from his previous success on V75, but Naheed on the other hand is a new name for the V75 bettors. He is a German born five year old stud horse who has raced successfully in his native land. Naheed has won eight out of ten starts and has never finished worse than second. He was previously trained by Josef Franzl in Germany but since a couple months back after a purchase, he is Oscar Berglund's training. He has made two starts for his new trainer and has been in a league of his own both times. 
"2 Naheed (V75-1) is a very nice horse who came in great condition from a trainer in Germany. I've never gotten a horse in such great condition before. All we did was train for a week and then we've been collecting the results from the training they have done. A very lucky purchase" says Oscar Berglund. 
"I heard that the horse was for sale and after having watched a couple of replays on him I called the owner. It really was a lucky purchase and he feels like a very interesting horse for the future. I think he has all the right features and it's a horse with talent and potential to go far". 

"He's got the entire tool kit - has really impressive"
Naheed made his first start for his new trainer on August 14 and he won right away convincingly. He followed that up by winning at Bergsåker on August 29 in 1:13.8 over 2,140 meters volt start.
"His first start for me was in a cheap race but despite not having raced for nine months he raced well. After that he was much improved in his second start when he was very good and won in a good time. He hasn't had to go all out yet and he has really impressed me". 

How would you describe Naheed as a horse?
"It feels like he has the entire tool kit. He's a big, strong horse who also is quick. He has a wonderful attitude and the most important thing is that he knows where the finish line is. That attitude will take him far up through the classes sicne he's doing everything right”.

"Has taken another step forward"
Naheed starts from post position two in volt start in the first V75 leg and the driver is once again Magnus A Djuse. Trainer Berglund is of course optimistic with his new acqusition and he thinks that the horse can keep the win streak alive. 
"I think the post position is good and he has shown that he can handle the volt start fine. This is a tougher race and I'm humble enough to realize that my horse has only made ten lifetime starts. He faces horses here who have gained more toughness than he has and I don't think you should have too high expectations on him just yet". 
"But of course I go there believing he can win. He trained yesterday (Sunday) and he just feels better and better for every week. He keeps getting more alert and he has taken another step forward since the start at Bergsåker. He will go barefoot all around again, we tried it for the first time in his last start. He will race with blinkers and in a regular sulky again. He will also race with pullout earplugs for the first time. That will give him a good kick and an extra gear. We have tried it in training with nothing but positive results" says Oscar Berglund.  

"Three wide the entire way in his last start - hung on admirably"
The Östersund licensed trainer also sends out his two time V75 winner Pleasure For Cash in the fifth leg. He has drawn post position twelve over the short distance and in his most recent start he finished forth in the V75 final after a brutal trip. 
"12 Pleasure For Cash (V75-5) was excused in his last start where he was hung out three wide the entire race. The fact that the horse even finshed the race as well as he did was admirable. I want to thank Örjan (Kihlström) for that and it was neither his nor the horse's fault that they ended up like that. We had bad cover but Örjan brought him home in a nice way and didn't pull the earplugs, so the horse didn't have to go empty. Despite spending the entire race three wide, there was something left in him for next start. Everything went wrong and we just have to forget that start" says Oscar.
"I think he felt just as good last time as he did when he won a V75 final at Åby and also in the start prior. He's a very capable horse and I think that his bad behavior is in the past now. He's very safe and confident now and I don't think you need to worry about him making breaks anymore. It feels like he has grown up from all that and matured".

"Post position twelve at Hagmyren is a minor disaster"
"Even if post position ten last time was bad, post position twelve at Hagmyren is a minor disaster. Their home stretch is so short and it feels hopeful to believe you can win from that post position. Even though I think he's the best horse in the field and even if he would race great he might not be better than third or fourth. But we certainly haven't given up before the race and the tactics are all up to Magnus. No changes, he will race barefoot all around, in an American sulky and with a pull down bridle again" says Oscar Berglund.