V75®: Count on Lollo in the final

Lollo Trot impressed in one of the eliminations to the 'short E3' for fillies.
On Saturday, she is one of the favorites to win the final and the SEK 1 million first prize in V75® at Örebro.
"I think she has a good chance – she keeps getting better and better" says trainer Raoul Engblom.

Axevalla trainer Raoul Engblom has dedicated most of his life to harness racing. Now, he sees the end of his career getting closer and at the end of the year he is handing in his license and is going to enjoy his life as a senior citizen. 
His son Per is a trainer in the U.S. and there will be some overseas trips in the future. 
"Our plan is to have a good life as senior citizens and go to Florida over the winter to be with Per and his family and help out when needed. It feels very good and I just hope I can stay healthy" says the 69 year old trainer.
From a very small number of horses, the Engblom stable has managed to get a horse who is a bit above average. Lollo Trot won her elimination to the short E3 over 1,640 meters in Gävle and she was one of the most impressive winners that night. 
"She was very good and she did it first up and you have to keep in mind that she also had a flat tire the last 600 meters. Many of the other fillies had faster times in their eliminations, but I don't worry much about that. Her race was pretty slow in the beginning, but faster at the end" says Engblom.
Lollo Trot raced already as a two-year-old, but was winless in six starts. This year, her development curve points straight upwards and all of a sudden she is one of the candidates to win the short E3 final at Örebro on Saturday, with SEK 1 million to the winner. 
"I was disappointed in her as a two-year-old. She didn't race the way she had trained and I don't know why. I guess she wasn't mature enough to race. This year she has taken huge steps in her development and she just gets better and better". 
You got the chance to choose post one behind the gate, something you must be happy with?
"Absolutely, she is quick out of the gate even if she didn't leave that fast in her last start. We don't really know why she didn't. It's like Kim (Eriksson, the driver) said to me after that race, that she really wasn't 'at work' that day. I think and hope that it was a one time thing, she has left fast before and Kim has to leave all he can with her and hopefully she can hold up the lead". 
She has more starts than many of her opponents. Is that something you think might benefit her? 
"I definitely think so. She has more toughness and she has never been injured or missed out on any training and I hope that will be in her favor".
How do you estimate her chances of winning?
"I think she has a decent chance to win. Sure, it's a tough race as it should be. Lollo Trot feels very good in training, I have no complaints and I hope everything will work out".
How would you value a win? 
"Very highly, of course. It would be a nice exit. Then I can retire with a smile on my face".