V75®: Crazy Easter bomb looking to do it again

He waited 30 years for his first win.
Now he is chasing his second one.
Bo Örberg and Scorpion's Madness was a longshot winner on V75® on Easter Saturday and they are hoping to do it again this Saturday.
"I don't see why we can't win this race too" says the 65 year old Jägersro licensed amateur trainer and driver.

With only 3 percent of the bettors trust Bo Örberg and his five year old entered the Halmstad racetrack for a V75® race on Easter Saturday. 
But once the race started there was only one horse on the track. 
They made it to the front and once there, Bo Örberg kept a high, even pace. 
A strategy that made sure that the favorites who were all lined up in the two path never even came close. 
For 65 year old Bo Örberg it was the highlight of his 40 year old long career. So far. 
I was crazy about horses as a child and my dad and a neighbor let me come with them when they made the trip to Jägersro to bet on horses. Then, one day I managed to get myself in to the stable area and that's how everything started. I got my licens sometime in the 80s" says Örberg who has been an amateur trainer his entire career. 
I had thought of becoming a professional (public) trainer but it just never happened. I let that go a long time ago and I've still been able to make a living working with horses for many years".
Besides training his own horses he has also been a blacksmith. But he hasn't shoed that many trotters. 
"Where I live, between Hörby and Sjöby the riding horses are dominant. So I’ve mostly shoed riding horses through the years. Some very good ones. But in recent years I've been able to make ends meet a little better and have been able to cut down on shoeing and spend more time training my own horses. It's a lot of fun. The icing on the cake is to drive myself. But some horses haven't raced as well with me driving, so then I've used other drivers".
He currently trains ten horses, including the 13 year old long distance specialst Jupiter Rodney, who Örberg calls the best horse he has ever had. 
"He was so tough when he was at his best and made almost SEK 1 million, but he never won on V75. His dame Judy Rodney was my first good horse. She was racing on V65 in the early 90s, but never finished better than second. So the win last Saturday was my first on V65 or V75. It took 30 years from the first time I tried and I have to say it's my most fun win ever". 
Have you received any reactions after the race?
"Yes, lots actually. Many old clients have reaced out to congratulate me. Apparently many people within the riding sport also follow V75. That's very nice".

Pulling the shoes and going full speed ahead
But Örberg won't sit back contently because of that. 
On Saturday the pair is back on V75 again and this time with an extra gear as Scorpion's Madness will get to race without shoes for the very first time. 
"I've waited for the tracks to be better so that I can race him barefoot. I have a feeling that will make him step away better in the start and not interfere with himself. When he has made breaks it's been because of that, that he has been too eager to go and has interferred with himself. You never know how it will turn out the very first time but I know his feet are good enough for it and he is such a nice gaited horse so I think it should work out just fine".
Have you ever tried him barefoot in training?
"Never. And I won't try in the warm up either. It has to wait until we race".
Were you as surprised as the bettors that he won last week?
"No, I can't say that I was. I knew my horse was good. He has always been good. He started his career with two straight wins as a two year old, after that he had problems with his hocks and it ruined his entire three year old season. But after we got that figured out he has steadily become better. I have always thought that he is somewhat extraordinary, that he has the right set of genes. Then we got to the lead, where he strides out best". 
How did he come out of his victory race?
"Very well. He was alert and happy Monday morning and he eats well. As a horse he is kind of wild, you can't give him more than two days in a row off, then he goes crazy. So we train or jog him every other day. And he has felt just as good as usual. The hope is that he will be even sharper on Saturday".
And the strategy will be the same?
"Yes, that's the plan. A lot will be determined in the start, if we can get to the lead. If we do I will drive him the same way again, a length ahead of the field. My experience is that he is better that way, he gets cockier when he's a bit ahead of the rest". 
Could it be another victory?
"Yes, why not? It's a tough field, but not much tougher than last week. I also hope my horse will be even better this week. I thick we can win again". 
How would that be, to win on V75 at home at Jägersro?
"I think that would be one notch better. To win two in a row and to do it at my home track. That would be awesome" says Bo Örberg.