V75®: Eklundh with a hot trio

So far this year André Eklundh's horses have won in every fourth start.
When he races a hot trio on V75 at Örebro on Saturday, the success could continue.
"I am very happy with them. They are three very nice horses in good form" says the Åby licensed trainer.

André Eklundh has the habit of having a high win percentage. The last three years it has been between 18 and 20 and with almost four months gone of 2022, it is at 26. The last ten starts from the stable have resulted in five wins and so far this year, 74 starts have given 19 wins. On Saturday it might be time for the stable's first V75 victory of the year. Perhaps with 8 X.Tour (V75-1). The horse came up with a very strong effort in his last start in Class II.
"He was very good in his last start. He trotted 1:12 and he did it outisde the leader the last 1,200 meters. I think he was impressive" says André Eklundh when we speak with him during Monday morning, just a little while before he wins with Farfars Dream at Färjestad's lunch races.
This time X.Tour is in Class I and he starts from post position eight in volt start.
"He has moved up one class and he's in tough money-wise, but I think he is tough enough to be able to handle it. But starting from the second tier is a big minus for him since he can leave very fast in volt start. It might work out anyway but I think he is the dark horse of the field here”.

"Done everything right"
If X.Tour doesn't win, the hopes will turn to 4 Iris Sisu and 12 Minnucci Zon in Diamantstoet (V75-4) to get the first STL win of the year. Iris Sisu has won three out of four starts this year and she impressed in her last start when she won easily after having raced first up.
"She has done everything right lately and has progressed nicely. She's a mare that I have expectations on going forward. The post position, post four in volt start, isn't the best but I don't think she will make a break. I would like to see her in the lead, but it might be tough to get there from that post position. Either way she is good enough for this class and I think she can win".
Minnucci Zon starts from post three with a 20 meter handicap. She has won 6 out of 18 career starts and in her seasonal debut, last time out, she got locked in behind a tiring leader with plenty left in her tank.
"She felt good last time out and she was completely unused. After that she has felt very sharp and it feels that she is sitting on a very good effort. Of course, she needs racing luck to win with the 20 meter handicap on V75, especially at Örebro where the home stretch is pretty short".