V75®: "I have two horses in top form"

2021 was the best year so far with over SEK 4 million in earnings for the stable.
2022 has begun strongly and on Saturday when V75 comes to Östersund there could be more to come.
"I have two horses in top form and I won't be shocked if either of them wins" says Tomas Pettersson.

Over SEK 4 million in earnings to happy owners and 50 races won are numbers that Tomas Pettersson is more than pleased with. Tomas, who is licensed at Bollnäs runs his stable together with Jenni H Åsberg. 
"It's our best year so far and of course, we are happy with the results. The horses have stayed healthy and have been able to train and race continuously and we can only hope that it stays like this". 
With the success, the stable is growing and as of today, there are 40 horses in training at their farm.
"We have gotten some better horses to work with and some new owners willing to invest more and we also have a good crew, the whole organization works well and everyone always helps out. We have good depth but no real star in the stable. We have a few promising two- and three-year-olds and the hope is to get one or a few of them out in the bigger races".
It's not just that the barn is growing. Tomas is also getting more attention as a driver. 
"I don't really drive more than before. I think I've just gotten better horses to drive which makes my job easier. I hope my driving form also stays intact and it feels a little bit extra when I get to drive horses like Quarica for instance".
Two mares in top form
On Saturday V75 is being raced at Östersund and the Pettersson stable comes with two mares in top form. 
"I got both Madame and Musett af Djupmyra sent to me last fall and both came in very good shape from Gunnar Melander. They are a lot alike and they are nice racehorses". 
Which of the two has the best chance to win? 
"That's hard to say. I don't really know the horses they are in against. 7 Madame af Djupmyra (V75-6) last raced in a race where the pace was slow and I had to use her twice and I think she held on well. She feels good after that start and with the right trip she has a good speed at the end". 
"3 Musett af Djupmyra (V75-7) won her last start and that was good for her and she actually won easily. That was also a race with a slow pace and she just sprinted away at the end and felt very good. She has started from bad post positions and has had to go first without cover and has closed well in pretty much every start. I am happy with her and we have a good post position and should get a good trip. Musett af Djupmyra will race with pullouts for the first time – at least since coming to me. No other changes". 
"It's tough on V75 and neither of them is a very hot win candidate, but I hope I'm wrong and I won't be shocked if either of them wins". 
You have two more drives on the card. Should either of them go on the V75 ticket?
"2 Bonaldo (V75-4) was good last time after an early break and that was the first time I drove him. He felt like he was in very good shape and we'll see what he can do here. At a first glance, it looks like a tough race". 
"6 Nice Knight (V75-2) has gotten better since the owner took him home to train him himself. He is in good form and he is pretty consistent, but I have a hard time seeing him winning on V75".