V75®(jackpot): Admiral As from a good post

A top effort after a tough trip three-wide in his last start.
Now, Reijo Liljendahl hopes that it is time for a win for the big star of his stable, Admiral As.

Axevalla is getting ready for its biggest weekend of the year. The time has come for Stochampionatet.
The trot fest at the racetrack in Skara lasts three days and culminates on Sunday. But great racing can be seen already on Saturday when the track hosts V75 with a jackpot. A sole winner can take home SEK 51 million.
Many bettors will put their trust in the beautiful 6 Admiral As (V75-6), who goes out in the gold division - Axevallalöpning. Reijo Liljendahl's lightning fast gelding has not had much racing luck in his most recent starts. Elitloppet ended with a break already in the elimination, in Oslo Grand Prix he closed well from an impossible position, and last time out in Halmstad, he was heroic after having spent the last 1,200 meters out three wide without cover. But he is in top form.
"It seems good. We went over him after his last start and we think he is coming out of the races very well. He trained last Thursday and felt good, he is alert and happy and he will train again on Tuesday, it looks good" says Reijo in the podcast V75 - lördag hela veckan.
You have said that he is the fastest horse you have trained. This time it's a long distance race, so is he also strong? 
"Yes, it feels that way. He is very good at recovering and of course, we hope and think that he will do very well on 2,640 meters on Saturday. He has done well on the distance before, so I think that he will do so this time, too".
Should get better with more frequent starts
Two weeks have gone since that strong effort in his last start at Halmstad. Admiral As is starting to race more frequently and the trainer thinks that could better his form.
"Yes, I think more frequent starts will do him good, now that he comes out of the races the right way. He maybe didn't do so before, but he does now. It's like I have said earlier, they have to race in these tougher races, in order to develop and get better" Reijo says, and adds:
"I mean, he trotted last 1,200 meters at 1:10 speed three wide, last time out. I think it was a very good effort and especially that he recovered so well".
He raced without an overcheck in his last start?
"Yes, Örjan liked him like that. My horse looked very good that day and he liked the surface there and the way Axevalla's track was last Friday, I think he will come up with another good effort. There are some changes that can be done, but we won't do them now".
Optimistic trainer
19 wins in 34 career starts is the record so far for the six-year-old gelding, who started off this year with a win, but lately, he hasn't had much racing luck. But Liljendahl is optimistic about making the trip to Axevalla on Saturday.
"I have to say that I think he will win this time".
What does the future look like for Admiral As?
"It depends on how he races, but if he wins he is invited to Åby Stora Pris. There are some nice races coming up, Sundsvall Open Trot and such, and then there is the STL Open final during the Kriterium weekend, which we sort of have aimed at. I want him to race continuously and I hope he can have some better luck, which we haven't had much of lately. Elitloppet was a real bummer when he made that break. I really would have liked to race him in the final there".