V75®: (jackpot): Double chances at his home track

2021 was his most successful year so far.
He recently took over as trainer for Stall Palema.
Things are moving along well for Hans Crebas who has two chances to win on V75 at his home track Axevalla.

Dutch native Hans Crebas, 39 comes off a record breaking year as trainer with 37 wins and almost SEK 2.8 million in earnings. Success breeds success as the saying goes and a little less than a month ago, he took over responsibility for most of Stall Palema's racehorses. 
"That's huge of course. Palema equals nice horses and of course I said yes right away when I was asked to train them" says Hans Crebas. 
The Axevalla-licensed trainer already had his stable located at the Palema farm in Edsvära but now there are more horses he is responsible for. 
"Since my own stable is at the Palema farm, 500 meters from the stable where Stall Palema's horses are, the change is not that big and things are moving along smoothly. Of course, it's more work and more horses to think about. But it's all good and fun and I always want to develop as a trainer. This is a huge chance for me to be seen in the bigger races too. Stall Palema has well-bred horses and we aim as high as we possibly can with them". 
"He has crushed me"
When Axevalla on Saturday arranges a jackpot-infused V75 card where a sole winner can take home a whopping SEK 55 million according to ATG's calculations, one of the Palema horses makes his first start for trainer Hans Crebas. Boke Palema (V75-5) was earlier trained by Angelica Jonsson, who is the breeding manager for Stall Palema, but after 6 wins in 18 starts it is now Hans Crebas' task to develop the horse further. 
"He's a very strong horse and I have seen all his starts. He has crushed me on the outside when I was in the lead. He has a big heart". 
He now comes out in Class 2 and he does it from post position five behind the gate. 
"It's always tough on V75 and I don't think he can just go first up and crush them. I don't want to reveal any tactical moves beforehand but the best scenario would be to find a spot somehere and that they set a high pace upfront. He's not that quick out of the gate and there's a risk of us getting hung out wide in the first turn. But I hope we can find a spot. He's the dark horse of the field". 
Perfect post position
The second chance of the day for Hans Crebas comes in the very next race, a leg of Diamantstoet, where he drew the inside post with Isan (V75-6). 
"She was good when she won in Örebro three starts ago and in the following start she closed incredibly well. I think she trotted the last 200 meters in 1:08-speed. In her last start she had a bad post position and got a bad trip. She also wasn't as good at the end of the race and she got treated after that. She has trained well going into this start and she finally got a good post position. She can leave quickly. I used to think that she was no good in the lead but she has raced well there too now. She doesn't have to go in the lead but I wouldn't mind racing her there either. The lead or a pocket trip would be the best". 
"It's tough on V75 and it's an even field. She has woken up with the pull-down bridle and even if she hasn't race for a while, it's better that she is sound. She fits the class perfectly and I think she should also be viewed as the dark horse of the field".