V75® (jackpot): The right spot for Milliondollarrhyme

Bad post positions and very hard competition. Racing in the elite is tough.
When V75® comes to Rättvik this Saturday, the conditions are suitable for Milliondollarrhyme. Fredrik B sounds positive about the weekend.
"He has looked good in training this week and he seems to be in very good form".

For the third consecutive year, 5 Milliondollarrhyme (V75-3) raced in Elitloppet. This year Fredrik B Larsson's star trotter did not make the final though and his only victory this year dates back to The Onion's race in April. After having raced well from the rear end of the field at Färjestad two starts ago, the horse tired badly in his last start at Axevalla. Most likely due to the hot weather. 
"I don't think he was on top of his game that day, actually. Sure, he left hard, but it was a very hot day and it was hot in the truck shipping there, so he simply overheated. He got tired in a way that he normally doesn't, but I think we can just forget that start. Everything has looked good afterwards and we haven't found anything wrong with him. That's nothing I worry about".
Good time to race him in the lead
In his last start, Milliondollarrhyme started from the outside post at Axevalla, two starts ago he was in the second tier. When the Gold division - Ego Boys Minne - goes to the gate on Saturday, he has a much better post position. The trainer is suspended from driving this week, so Erik Adielsson gets to sit behind the dark, elegant horse for the very first time. 
"We have a good spot this time and the pull-down bridle has worked out well on him lately, he stays quieter with that, which makes it very interesting for this start. He can leave quickly, we know that, and he leaves pretty hard on his own. It feels like this would be a good time to race him in the lead. He just needs to stay quiet, but I think he will with the pull-down bridle". 
What are the plans for the future with him, another trip to France this winter? 
"We will make a few starts here at home, nothing is written in stone. But we are not closing any doors when it comes to going to France this winter. He liked it down there last winter". 
Axel Wind in top form
Fredrik B Larsson brings one more horse to Rättvik on Saturday. The Italian import 3 Axel Wind (V75-5) has made three starts for the Solvalla trainer and he seems to be in top form. The five-year-old horse closed strongly behind the winning machine Zion Font in his last start at Axevalla. 
"Axel Wind has started from bad post positions and has raced well. In his last start, he closed very well the last 700 meters and it feels like he gets better with every start. We got a good post position and it feels like he could leave quickly, I know he did in Italy and if he could get to the lead he should have a chance to win. I like this horse and I think he is V75 material. For this start, we are changing to an American sulky and to barefoot upfront which is a plus".