V75®: Pettersson is in top form

Two V75 wins in the month of July.
With horses he trains himself.
When the premier league of trotting comes to Bollnäs, Tomas Pettersson is ready again.
"Madame af Djupmyra probably can’t be much better than she is right now and she is my best chance on Saturday".

Tomas Pettersson and Jenni H Åsberg each have their own trainer license, but they team up in #asbergpetterssontrav at Runemo gård in Bollnäs. 
The summer form is excellent. In July alone, the couple has won twice on V75®.  
Herman Hazelaar won as recently as last Sunday a race open for four-year-olds on the V75 card at Axevalla.
He was a long shot who was only on three percent of the tickets. 
The best horse in the stable currently, Madame af Djupmyra crushed her opponents on V75 at Årjäng the week before that, despite a first-over trip. She won a leg of Diamantstoet in STL and she goes out in the same class again at her home track Bollnäs this Saturday. 13 Madame af Djupmyra starts with a 20-meter handicap in V75-6.
"Madame has been solid for a long time now and she has raced well in pretty much every start. At Årjäng, the favorite made a break, which made things easier. But she had to dig deep for the win. A very strong effort by her that day" says Tomas Pettersson.
The Bollnäs trainer thinks that his seven-year-old mare should be a strong contender again. Madame af Djupmyra is his best chance out of his three V75 starters. 
"We need some racing luck, as always. Everyone knows that you don’t have that every time, but the most important thing is that she races well. A change for this start is that she has worn down her hooves, so she has to race with shoes behind this time". 
How will that effect Madame af Djupmyra, who has raced very well without any shoes in all of her last five start, counting back to the month of May? 
"It´s something new and you can’t be completely sure how it will work out. But my feeling is that it will be fine". 
How good is her form now, 90-95%?
"I would say it’s 100%. She has been very good after her last start too, so I don’t think she can be much better than she is right now". 
Is the plan to send her up outside the leader or maybe even to the lead, if you get a good start from the 20-meter handicap?
"I don’t think you should commit to a certain tactic from this post postion, but maybe. But it would be nice to get someone to follow this time since she had to do all the work herself in her last start". 
This time you are only around 10 kilometers away from the racetrack. Must be nice racing at your home track?
"It sure is. It’s always extra much fun racing at home in the summertime. Let’s hope the weather will be nice too". 
You have two more horses on V75. 8 The World Is Mine (V75-1) has two wins in five starts this year. Could he upset like Herman Hazelaar did, last Sunday?
"It feels a bit far-fetched that he would win on V75. If he could finish top three, we would be very happy. He got a post position that will give him a nice, ground saving trip (post 8 in volt start), which could be his chance to win the race. He raced with shoes in his last start, but this time he will go barefoot again". 
2 Musett af Djupmyra is a mare racing in the bronze division in the STL. She is very fast out of the gate and drew a good post position. 
"She is also in very good form. She made a break at Årjäng when I had to grab into her in the first turn, as we were going for the lead. Before that she was tremendously good. Musett feels very sharp in training and I think she is also in top form. But it’s tough in the bronze division, so we will see how she makes out. She will race with shoes behind this time, as her hooves are not good enough to race barefoot all around again". 
You are also catch driving a couple of horses on Saturday.
"3 Knutrappa (V75-2) in the coldblood race and 1 Ajlexes Cubano (V75-3) in the gold division are no hot chances to win".