V75® Spring Race with a multi jackpot this Easter

For the fifth consecutive year, ATG arranges Spring Race during the Easter weekend. That means V75® for four days in a row where it all culminates in a multi jackpot card at Romme on Easter Sunday.
ATG also offers betting at fixed odds associated to Spring Race.
"We hope that people can enjoy some time off and spice it up with good and exciting V75 races" says Nicklas Jonsson, Head of Horse Betting at ATG.

ATG calculates that there will be at least SEK 45 million in the pool for all seven winners picked on Easter Sunday and that number can increase if there are any added jackpots from the V75 cards Thursday - Saturday. 

In addition to the V75 millions, ATG also offers betting at fixed odds:

  • What will the payout for all seven winners picked be at the multi jackpot card at Romme on Easter Sunday, April 17. 
  • Which of two or more drivers wins the most amount of V75 races on the given day. 
  • Win bet specials on horses in two of the legs on the given V75 day. 

Some of the bets and current odds are already up at ATG Sport and new bets are posted in the morning of each race day this Easter. 

"There are star trotters racing each day on V75 and the Easter Sunday multi jackpot card includes a leg of the Paralympic Trot where Who's Who is one of the participants. We look forward to many good races and hope to congratulate many happy winners during this weekend" says Nicklas Jonsson.