V75® (Sunday): Calgary Games racing in the UET Grand Prix elimination

He was on everybody's lips after his world record win in the Swedish Trotting Derby.
On Sunday the hottest trotter in the world, Calgary Games is back in action in one of the eliminations to the UET Grand Prix.
"I think he will be just as good again" says Timo Nurmos about the start at home at Solvalla.

The big races come one after the other at Solvalla this weekend. 
After Saturday with the Swedish Kriterium as the feature, Sunday awaits with another V75® card and a number of high class trot races. 
The card includes besides the STL Open (SEK 750,000 to the winner), also two eliminations to the UET Grand Prix, where Timo Nurmos has entered his newest star trotter Calgary Games. 
After having completely outclassed the competition in the Swedish Trotting Derby, the public has had nothing but great things to say about the horse. 
A new world record, very easily, without even being tired. Completely outstanding despite being parked the entire race. Calgary Games is an extraordinary talent. 

Wins unless he trips over himself
The top four finishers in the two Solvalla eliminations (V75-3 and V75-4) go through to the final of the UET Grand Prix at Åby on Saturday, October 9.
Anything but a victory for Calgary Games would be a big setback. 'Everyone' counts on him winning. On Sunday, only sickness, an earthquake, or him tripping over himself can stop Timo Nurmos' super talent from winning. 
Nurmos won the Swedish Trotting Derby and the UET Grand Prix with the sire of Calgary Games - Readly Express - a few years ago. The hope is that his son will do the same thing. 
"The UET Grand Prix has always been in his racing schedule. The veterinarian went over the horse after his Derby victory and found nothing wrong with him. He didn't need any form of treatment. So everything is well with him" Nurmos says. 

Visited the breeding farm
It looks like Calgary Games will be very popular as a stallion. The only question is when he will start to breed. If he will combine breeding with racing, he could start already in 2022. Timo Nurmos says that he has gotten several requests to breed to him even though nothing has been decided about his future yet. 
Last week Calgary Games went to visit Menhammar Stuteri a couple of times to test breed. 
Nurmos says everything went well. 
"It all worked out well with the tests and it hasn't bothered him at all. I trained him on the uphill track today (Monday) and he felt very, very good!".

"Like driving a Ferrari"
The final of the UET Grand Prix will be raced at Åby racetrack on Saturday, October 9, with SEK 2 million to the winner. The French eliminations are also held this Sunday, the same day as the ones at Solvalla. 
Calgary Games starts from post position six behind the gate in the first of the two eliminations on Sunday and he will be the gigantic favorite in V75-3. 
"It's like driving a Ferrari. I have said it a few times now, but that's how it feels sitting behind him, compared to other horses. I think he will be just as good now as he was when he won at Jägersro" says Nurmos, who expects another great effort. 
Are you making any changes for this race?
"He will race with open bridle and in a regular style sulky as usual. He might race with shoes on this time, but I haven't decided that yet". 
You have two starters in the second UET Grand Prix elimination (V75-4). Your thoughts on that race?
"6 Sahara Jaeburn was sick in his last start, in the Finnish Derby. We ran new blood tests on him after he had rested for a while and they were good. He has trained well after that and it remains to be seen how he does this time. If he makes the final he will be better there, with this start in his legs. 3 Napoleon Cash raced OK in his Derby elimination at Jägersro but it was too tough for him. He felt very good in training today (Monday) and I think he and Sahara Jaeburn are equal. He can leave quickly and he might race barefoot for the first time" Nurmos says. 
What about your other V75 starters?
"13 Kapten Brodde (V75-2) also trained Monday, he is a very strong and tough horse. He got himself way too worked up in his last start at Jägersro and made a break in the start, but he is normally safe. 2,640 meters is very good for him and I think he has a very good chance to win if he stays trotting. In the mares elite (V75.1), 2 Dixie Brick has the best chance of my starters. Based on the post positions. Dixie Brick has grown into this class well. 11 Hevin Boko is a very good mare but post position 11 over 1,640 meters is not good".