V75®: (Sunday) Global Brilliance wants quick revenge

The expectations were high in Stochampionatet.
But then, Global Brilliance never got the chance to show what she could do.
Now, David Persson has made it to another big final and he is hoping for revenge in the Derby for mares.

6 Global Brilliance (V75-3) came to David Persson this past spring and the four-year-old mare really seems to enjoy life in the Axevalla trainer's stable at Bjertorp. The big goal of the summer was Stochampionatet at the home track and the daughter of S.J's Caviar made it to the final after winning her elimination. The final didn't turn out the way the connections had hoped. She had to give up the lead, got locked in, and never got a chance to show her muscles. 
"I'm not going to lie, I was really disappointed for quite a few days after the race. She never got the chance to show what she could do. I felt good about the fact that she looked good in the race, though. But to get locked in, in the biggest race that we had aimed for, for so long that really hurt. But we have put that behind us now and we are looking forward to Sunday" says David Persson.
Hoping for revenge in the Derby for mares
Sunday. That's when The Swedish Trotting Derby for mares will go to the gate. In the elimination, Global Brilliance was back to her winning ways, as she led the race from wire to wire and was able to hold off Honey Mearas in the finish - the mare that won Stochampionatet. 
"My mare feels great, her last start wasn't hard on her at all. Before the race, I thought it might be tough to beat Honey Mearas, but she got to go slow for a bit in the lead and even trotted away from her at the end, so that was absolutely a good effort". 
Building up energy for Sunday
The elimination to the Derby for mares was the first start Global Brilliance made after the hurtful defeat in Stochampionatet. Trainer Persson has had this race on his radar all along and he thinks his mare will be even better in the final. 
"She is trained so that she will improve off of that elimination start. She hadn't trained any heats on the track, we had only trained her in the sand between the start in Stochampionatet and the elimination to the Derby for mares. She will train nice and slow on Thursday and then she will just build up energy for Sunday".  
Adielsson has to go all in from start
"The draw was not very lucky, David Persson got to pick his post position last of the six elimination winners, which means she will start from post position six on Sunday. But the mare has shown that she has plenty of gate speed - something that trainer Persson hopes she will get to use in the final, when Erik Adielsson gets to sit behind her for the first time. 
"I'm not entirely happy with the post position, but it's a decent post and we're on the gate. Plan A is that I will simply tell Erik to go all in when the wings of the gate open up. She is undefeated in the lead and I would really like to see her there. She can race well from behind too, but on the lead is where I really want to see her". 
So, you are looking forward to Sunday?
"It will be exciting. We are racing in the biggest races we have and that's where we want to be" says David Persson.