V75: The trainer goes against the handicappers

He has two horses racing on Saturday and one of them is picked to win by the experts.
But he believs just as much in his other starter – the one that is ranked down and can get the V75 payout way up.
"I think their chances are pretty equal" says Oskar Kylin Blom.

To estimate horses' chances and to handicap a race is not the easiest thing to do. Many times, the trainers' and drivers' opinions are very different from how the handicappers and bettors would evaluate the chances. That's the case with Oskar kylin Blom's two V75 starters at Bollnäs this Saturday. Leading trot magazine Travronden has Morotai Degato (V75-5) picked first but ranks down stable mate Annie Mauds Lassie (V75-4) to twelfth place. At the same time, the trainer thinks their chances are equal. 
"It's just a matter of who gets the better trip. The one who has the most racing luck can win" says Oskar Kylin Blom.
Can leave fast
Even if some racing luck will be needed, Oskar Kylin Blom sounds pleased with his trainees. The fact that Morotai Degato had to settle for sixth in his last start is something that the trainer and driver takes full responsability for himself. 
"Had I stayed in, behind Chapuy we would most likely have finished second, but I chose to go out and it turned out to be a bad choice" says Kylin Blom.
"He might not have shown that sparkling form in his last starts but the way he feels at home, indicates that the form is indeed good so we will race him again. I think he might have needed these starts to grow into the class and he trotted 1:11.7 over 2,140 meters when he was third two starts ago, so to say the form isn't there might not be totally fair".  
Mr Clayton J.F. has been scratched, so Morotai Degato moves down to post position five. 
"My choice of tactics depends on how he feels behind the gate but he can leave very fast, so I might try to leave with him. He has raced best on a helmet but  the lead is the closest way to the winner circle, so if I get there it would take a very good horse for me to give up the lead". 
The six-year-old usually races barefoot, but this time he will race with shoes behind. 
"I don't think that will affect him. Maybe in a positive way, because in his last start he coudln't really grab the track".
Dangerous with the right trip
Annie Mauds Lassie wasn't far away from winning her last start and hung on very well to third place after being parked out. 
"I was very happy with her. She has shown very good form lately and even if this is a tough class for her, I think the bettors need to consider her early. If she gets a good trip and can save her speed to the top of the stretch, I wont' be surprised if she is one of the horses who can win, she's in very good form now. There's no risk of her making a break from post postion four in volt start, but we might not get a very fast start either".