V75®: The winter horse is back in form - "Extra good in training today" 

The winter horse Disco Volante showed in his last start that he is back.
After a few not so successful starts where he also made a couple of breaks, the star trotter was finally back as a winner again.
"He has felt better in training after that start. I just came off the track with him now as you called and he was extra good today" says Stefan Melander.

We are talking to the Solvalla-licensed trainer this Monday lunch as he has just walked off the track with Disco Volante and back to the stable at his farm in Enköping.
Solvalla is hosting the V75 finals this Saturday where the gold division winner gets SEK 300,000. Stefan Melander has two starters in the field who both will be among the favorites, besides Disco Volante he also sends out Milligan's School.
We will start with the former who finally got his act together in his most recent start and showed what a high-class trotter he is. The five-time millionaire (SEK) won the gold division easily after having led every step of the way at Färjestad. A recipe for victory that Disco Volante has used many times throughout his career. The last couple of years he has dominated the gold division in the winter and has shown that he really likes the cold time of the year. But after the debacle at Eskilstuna three starts ago where there was a recall after six hundred meters of full speed for Disco Volante, he also made breaks in two consecutive starts.
Ulf Ohlsson has partly taken responsibility for the breaks and has said that maybe he should have warmed the horse up a bit tougher and scored him down a bit harder before each of those starts. When we talk to Stefan Melander this Monday it is obvious how pleased he is with his horse after just having trained him. 
"6 Disco Volante (V75-6) feels much better and more alert now compared to earlier. I have been happy with him in training earlier too, but I got a bit worried after what happened in Eskilstuna. It was nice that he won his last start and I have to say that he feels even better in training after that start. Today's training was extra good and he felt really sharp too" says Stefan Melander. 
What do you think about post position six behind the gate in the gold division final?
"Post six might not be the first post you would pick, but for Disco Volante it's good so he can keep a higher speed behind the gate. He is fast out of the gate and I hope he can take the lead. He will be in even better form for this start and I remember that he was fantastic at this time last year. We are not making any changes and I have to say that he should have a good chance to win" says Stefan. 
The Solvalla-licensed trainer also has Milligan's School in the gold division final, who starts from post position seven behind the gate. He finished second as the huge favorite in his last start and got beaten by a hard closing Global Adventure, who also is the final on Saturday. 
"7 Milligan's School (V75-6) should have won his last start and it felt like he was home free even though he wasn't. But he was used hard early and it cost him at the end. I trained him yesterday (Sunday) and he felt very good. It feels like he will race well but post position seven is not good for him. The dream scenario would be Disco in front and 'Mille' finding a spot second or third over. Normally it should be hard to make up those lengths on Disco at the end. But you never know what happens and he is not chanceless".