V75®: Untersteiner is a key figure in V75 Champions

On Saturday it's time for the prestigious driver challenge V75 Champions.
Johan Untersteiner is one of the participants and with several good chances he is the key figure of this V75 card.
"Ture L.A., Behind Bars and Use Face are the three best chances from my stable" says the Halmstad-licensed trainer.

Åby racetrack just outside Gothenburg is hosting V75 this Saturday and six of the seven V75® races make up the driver challenge V75 Champions, where the top 15 V75 drivers from last year square off. With an armada of horses, a lot is up to Johan Untersteiner, and in the popular podcast 'V75 - lördag hela veckan' the Halmstad-licensed trainer speaks about his starters. 
"6 Use Face (V75-1) fits this class well, now it's mares only and we have aimed at this race for a while. Of course, I hope for a good effort and the goal is to be fighting for the win here. We trained here at the track last week, dad drove her and I drove 4 Unacerveza Broline (V75-2) and we gave them a tough heat".
"We have changed up the training a bit on Unacerveza Broline. I think he has felt strong but he felt a bit sluggish in that heat so I'm a bit unsure of his current form. He got a good spot here and I will drive him conservatively. I think this is his first time ever on 3,100 meters so I lay a bit low with him". 
"10 Ture L.A. (V75-3) hasn't had the right racing luck lately. I still think he has raced well but he hasn't gotten paid for his efforts. I don't think the results show his efforts. Without really having looked at the field, I think he is the horse that can deliver the strongest effort, considering the class he is in, on Saturday". 
"4 Leia Diablo (V75-4) has raced in regular overnights but now it's only mares and she fits this class well. I think her form is on its way up and she has raced well twice in a row now. The horses starting 20 meters behind us might be too tough but we will give it a shot". 
"7 Behind Bars (V75-6) wasn't really meant to race here but Stefan (Persson) who drove him in his last start was so happy with him and said he could have kept going for another kilometer, so I thought we'll give it a try here when the money is so good. He raced against nothing last time, compared to a V75 race so this will be a lot tougher of course. Stefan has driven the horse a few times and he said 'I never understood what was supposed to be so special with this horse, but now I get it' after he drove him last week. Let's just hope he can handle racing back in just eight days". 
"9 Joker Of Steel (V75-6) didn't really get in the race in his last start. 8 Lucifer Sam (V75-6) also races well every time. They are both good enough for this class and both should race well on Saturday". 
"5 Look Håleryd (V75-7) drew a tricky post position. If he can get a good stalking trip he can make good money here".
"15 Niky Flax (V75-7) has been locked in three times in a row in the gold division, but on the other hand, I have to drive him that way if he's going to have a chance at the bigger checks. I had a good feeling about him last Saturday but it didn't work out for us. We got a good trip but got locked in again. It is what it is and this time the conditions are different and we have to give it a try here. It's a bit different sitting third at the pylons in the gold division compared to having to go around the entire field over 2,100 meters. It might not the optimal conditions but we have to give it a try".