V75® Winter Burst (multi jackpot): Friday races moved to Halmstad

The V75® races on New Year's Eve are being moved from Axevalla to Halmstad. The weather forecast calls for warmer weather, meaning high risks of the track thawing out and becoming unsafe to race on.
"To make it easier for everyone, we made the decision early" says Axevalla's racetrack manager Roger Moström.

After a cold Christmas, the ground is frozen at Axevalla. The forecast calls for several degress above freezing and also rain on both Thursday and Friday. That is the worst possible scenario for the track crew at Axevalla. There is a pretty high risk of the ground thawing out just in time for the races on Friday. During that time it is not fitting to arrange trot races at the racetrack. 
"Of course it's not easy to say already now on Tuesday afternoon how the weather and the track will be on Friday. But we still choose to make an early decision that we will not arrange the races at out track on Friday. Safety must come first. I think all the participants and everyone else prefer to have an early decision so they can prepare for going to Halmstad instead" says Axevalla's racetrack manager Roger Moström. 

Cold weather becoming warmer
Also in Halmstad – 235 kilometers south of Axevalla –  the weather is changing from cold to warmer. The frozen ground has plenty of time to thaw out before the races on Friday.
"We feel completely confident that we can offer a safe and good track for the races on Friday. As of today Tuesday, the track isn't particularly frozen and the temperature will stay above freezing and there will also be rain for the remainder of the week. We have plenty of time to prepare a good surface" says Halmstadtravet's racing manager and racetrack manager Jan-Olof Molin. 
That means that the V75® Winter Burst will conclude at Halmstadtravet with a multijackpot of at least SEK 83 million to a possible sole winner.