V75® Winter Burst (Saturday): A good chance to win for the new star of the stable

Gabriella Laestander works full time with her family's nine horses.
Four of them are racing on V75 when Winter Burst continues at Umåker.
"Selmer I.H. has the best chance to win, but don't count Dante Godiva and Avaboy out" says the Skellefteå licensed amateur trainer.

Gabriella Laestander has been around horses for the most part of her life and nowadays her entire family is involved and help out with their nine horses. 
"I got a pony when I was 13 and thats how it all started. I have never worked for any professional trainers, I have picked up some things here and there and I am pretty much self taught. Nowadays the entire family heps out in the stable and my daughter has three ponies she takes care of and it's full speed all day and there's always something to do". 
Her best horse so far is Face The Evil who was a winning machine and an cash machine for the stable. 
"He had made SEK 700,000 when we bought him and when his career was over he had made another SEK 3 million and he won 48 races for us. He was a fantastic horse and I obvioulsy hope we can get another horse like him or an even better one". 
Maybe Selmer I.H. is the new star. The seven year old gelding was bought this past fall and he has raced well and will be the big favorite on Saturday when V75 comes to Umåker. 
"I hope he can be just as good, he has the ability. We heard that he was for sale and we submitted an offer and after a while the seller accepted and after just a few hours we went to pick him up. You can tell he is somethng special, he is a small horse but he grows on the racetrack". 
Ice track does not worry
Umeå is in the middle of the winter season and there will be an ice track, but that does not worry Gabriella. 
"No, Selmer I.H. trots so easily and he is used to racing with corks in his shoes. I trained him on the ice this past week and it was no problem, even though I didn't go that fast. He feels very good and I think he should have a good chance to win. There are only seven horses in the race which makes it easier and he is tough and can do the work himself in a race, which he has shown several times". 
The Laestander stable has three more starters on V75 and two of them deserve to go on the ticket.
"Marciano (V75-1) has no chance of winning and he doesn't like the ice track. Everyone gets a check in here and maybe he could even beat someone down the stretch".
"Dante Godiva (V75-3) was bought shortly after Selmer I.H. by the same owner and Dante Godiva also came in very good shape and I think he has raced better and better for us. He closed well in his last start and he has a good post position and he can leave pretty well, at least i think so, he isn't all that used to volt start. The long distance is OK, he showed that in his last start, even if it's no advantage for him. He will race with the same equpiment and with corks like in his last start and he was fine with them". 
"Avaboy (V75-7) has been very good lately and has raced very well in his last two starts. He was lazy and uninspired before but lately he has been sharper. He likes the ice track and I think that will be an advantage for him compared to many of his opponents. He doesn't like starting in the second tier since he likes being near the front and it wouldn't surprise me if the driver will be aggressive with him. Avaboy is so good right now that he can't be ignored".