V75® Winter Burst (Sunday): The rising star hopes to close out the year with a win in the finals

She is soon switching farms and next year she is going to ger her professional training license.
Rising star Jennifer Persson is on a roll and on Boxing day she has a hot win candidate in the STL finals at Solvalla.
"He can close very well if he gets the right trip" she says about Jaques Noir, who is in very good form now.

Jennifer Persson, 27, can look back at a true breakthrough year. The horses in her stable recently surpassed SEK 2 million in earnings during 2021 and among her accomplishments are V75 victories and a start in the Swedish Trotting Derby. 
"This is the first year I have trained horses full time and things have gone really well" says Jennifer Persson with a characteristic laugh. 
What is your strongest memory from this past year?
"That would be when all the horses have performed well and delivered, then you feel that you have succeeded, but the V75 wins top the list for me. That we made it all the way to the Derby and the preparations for that race is also a very strong memory. It was so cool to be one out of twelve in that race".
And soon you are moving your stable from the northern part of Stockholm to the southern part. Tell us about that!
"We are moving to Taxinge at the end of the year. Things have worked out great at Erikssund but there's not that much room there and we simply need more stalls. So we had to look for alternatives and we ended up choosing Taxinge. It's very nice out there with a training center that gives you every opportunity to succeed".
"I will try to go all in now"  
You are also planning on getting your professional training license?
"Yes, I will take the necessary classes next year. I had no plans of doing so at first, but it's been so much fun now so I decided to go all in. I don't know what will happen with the classes now, if I will have to go up to Wången (the harness racing school just outside Östersund), but the classes will go on during the course of next year". 
If we look into the future a couple of years, what does your stable look like then?
"It's hard to say...Had you asked a year ago, my answer would have been that I will not get my professional license haha. That's how it is with racing, one thing leads to the other and as long as I enjoy doing this I will go on, in some shape and form. But I don't have any thoughts of having a big stable, I'd rather have fewer horses and higher quality. I would guess I will have around 20 horses next year". 
Leaves herself singled in the V75 Expert Picks  
On Sunday you are back in the spotlight with Jaques Noir (V75-1) in the traditional STL finals at Solvalla on Boxing Day and judging from his winning rally in his most recent start, he is definitely in good form.
"I think he is. He came to me in the spring and we sort of started over with him, started building him up. He made a couple of starts and then he raced super at Färjestad. But then he lost his form, he got rough gaited and things didn't work out for him. So we just trained him over the summer and set aim for the winter, which turned out well. After having been a bit sluggish the first couple of starts, it felt like he was back to his old self last time out and he also feels very sharp after that start".
You left him singled in the V75 Expert Picks...
"He feels so good so I though what the heck" says Persson and laughs out loud again. 
"There are only ten horses in the race and he drew a decent post position (4) and I hope he finds a good spot. He can leave very quickly if you want to, but he can also become a bit hot and over 2,140 meters it's better to save his speed for the end. He can close very well if he gets the right trip and Per (Lennartsson) has driven him super well. They make a good team and they really like each other". 
Thank you for the chat and Merry Christmas!
"Thanks and same to you!"