V75® Winter Burst (Thursday): 15 horses racing on the night before Christmas Eve

From the start of next year the Untersteiner family will have the biggest harness racing stable in the country.
Peter and Johan will combine their stables into one and become 'The Untersteiners'.
“We will be even stronger together and we have high ambitions and it feels great” says Peter Untersteiner.

Thursday night is the night before Christmas Eve and it has become a tradition with a V75 card that night, this year it will be held at Halmstad. The track's biggest trainer Peter Untersteiner has had a different 2021 compared to other years. This past spring he came out and talked about his mental health problems and chose to take a break as a driver. 
“I wasn't feeling well at all last winter, I developed insomnia and started to feel worse and worse. It started in November and went on for several months. I couldn't shut off my brain no matter how hard I tried. I tried to lower the pace and I skipped driving races. It has really helped and I feel much better today and I have gotten a lot of support from several poeple which is something I really appreciate”.

Looks forward
Peter now looks forward and at the start of the new year, him and his son Johan are now combining their stables into one. A decision that has emerged over time. 
“Already when Johan moved back home, the thought was for him to work for me. But he quickly got a lot of horses in training and chose to open up his own stable. At the same time, we knew this day was coming, it feels like natural progress”.
“We work together all the time and always exchange ideas so it feels good to do this. We have gotten a lot of positive reactions. I can say that 99 percent of everyone we have talked to are positive about this. As for myself, I am getting a new boss in the business and Johan does not see it as any type of prestige. I hope to be doing this for another ten years and we have high ambitions and a great team, so this is a new chapter for the family and it feels good”. 
On Thursday when V75 comes to Peter Untersteiner's hometrack Halmstad, he sends out 15 starters. 
“I have nice horses racing and it's hard for me to say who would have the best chance to win. If I have to give you a name, I will say Inara O.E. (V75-5) who has been very good lately, has a good post position and she will race in an American sulky for the very first time”. 

Here are Peter's comments on his starters:
4 Joker Of Steel (V75-1) has been scratched to due to an inflammation in his heels. He trains well again and he was good in a heat at the track a little while ago. This is his first time racing on the short distance, which is no advantage. It's here at home and we will give it a try and I think he is ready for a good effort”. 
9 Lexington Zon (V75-1) hooked wheels with another horse last time out and made a break. He has gotten better and he will get a stalking trip here and I think he will give us a good effort”. 
8 Global Creation (V75-2) has gotten started late. She has won twice from outisde the leader and keeps progressing nicely. She is in against a couple of good ones here, but she is good herself too and she can win”.
2 Puycheric Wine (V75-3) has raced well in all his three career starts. This is a completely different and tougher race and we will see how he does. The long distance shouldn't be a problem, he never pulls”.
8 Vinci Nice (V75-3) was supposed to race at Axevalla last week but when the races were moved to Örebro, we didn't have time to get there so we had to scratch him. Vinci Nice trains well and he is a good horse, but post position eight brings down his chances”.
4 Kirsi Boko (V75-4) has not delivered the way we have hoped so far. She has just trained for a while now and she was very good in a heat at the track a while ago. We have aimed her for this race and after she trained so well I have some hopes for her here”.
7 Woodbury Wine (V75-4) is a bit hot at times but has a lot of speed. She has been in tough stake races and has faced the best in her crop a few times. She trains well and if she handles the volt start she has a chance to win”. 
15 Beluga West (V75-4) is a nice mare and we hope she can get over SEK 1 million in earnings soon. She needs a lot of luck here, considering the conditions”. 
1 Inara O.E. (V75-5) was very good in her last start. She comes out of the starts well and progresses nicely with each start. I am putting an American sulky on her this time and will leave all I can to try to hold up the lead and it would be fun to see her in that position against these horses. I have high hopes for her”. 
6 Zola Love (V75-5) is a nice mare who made a surprising break in her last start, I think she would have won without that. She feels good in training and she is good for her class”. 
10 Readly’s Dream (V75-5). Was third in the Norwegian Oaks and she is also a nice mare who I think will race well. We have three nice mares in this race”.
4 Digital Process (V75-6) won his first start for us which was a bit surprising. The week before he was tired training in 1:23/2,100 meters but apparently that’s how he is. He needs a stalking trip and hopefully his last start made his form even better. I think he will make good money for us and he is not without a chance”. 
11 Forever Shadow (V75-6) was treated and he trains well again. We have aimed him for this race for a while and I expect a good effort from him”. 
12 Look Håleryd (V75-6) is in good form and wasn’t far from finishing second last time out. He benefits from the long distance and he could end up in the photo with some racing luck”.
9 Toto Barosso (V75-7) is a capable horse, but also a bit special. He can be very lazy at times and very hot at times. He will race with a blind bridle this time, which he has raced with before. I have to make sure we get a good position from the start in this short distance race. Toto Barosso is good enough to end up in the photo here”.