V75® Winter Burst (Thursday): Hamre steals the show again?

Bjerke is the second to last stop of the V75 Winter Burst.
Just like so many times before at Norway's biggest racetrack, Frode Hamre plays an key role.
Stoletheshow did just that in his last start and he should have a very good chance to win again.

On New year's Eve V75 Winter Burst culminates at Halmstad, but before the New Years fireworks can be fired off, there is a racecard to be held at Bjerke. Frode Hamre is a frequest visitor of the Oslo track's winner's circle and many things point towards another visit on Thursday. 
The featured race of the night is Bjerkepokalen for the older elite and Hamre comes with Stoletheshow who will be the favorite. 
The Swedish owned six-year-old and old Kriterium winner has made three starts for Hamre and in his most recent start at Bjerke, he won very convincingly. Despite being out wide around the first turn and trotting the rest of the race parked outside the leader, 2 Stoletheshow (V75-6) won in splendid isolation. The trainer talks about his chances in the Norwegian magazine Trav og Galopp-nytt.
"Stoletheshow was fantastic in his last start and based on what he shows in training he should be just as good now. I think Always On Time will outleave us and go to the lead, but I'm pretty sure they want to let us go. If not, we will just sit parked on the outside. This is definitely my best chance to win on Thursday night. He will race barefoot if the track allows it, if not he races just as good with shoes too" says Frode Hamre to Trav og Galopp-nytt.
Good chance to win from the lead
The Hamre stable has four starters on V75 at Bjerke. The well-qualified 5 Dream Builder (V75-1) starts already in the first leg and has shown good winter form. The horse comes with two straight convincing wins and looks to be a popular horse to single on the ticket. 
"Dream Builder drew inside of Z.Boko and I have to do all I can to keep him out again. It was very close last time out but my horse leaves quicker when he's in the middle of the track, so I believe we have a good chance of doing so. If we get to the lead he should have a good chance to win".
"2 Oz (V75-3) is new in the stable and he makes an interesting racing debut for Hamre here. He drew a perfect post position. 
"Oz has been here for just four days but I drove him last Thursday and you can feel that he's a very good horse. He has to be judged on his prior starts but he should be good enough to battle for the win from a perfect post position. I don't think he will take the lead, but he is strong enough to do the work on the outside after a bit".
The fourth and last starter from the Hamre stable is the highly capable four-year-old mare 7 Karlotta (V75-5). The post position far out behind the gate makes the trainer lay a bit low regarding the chances. 
"Karlotta is in good form, but she had no luck in the draw. Since she can just leave OK, I don't think she will win against these horses who are so even, that it will come down to who gets the best trip, judging from when they have raced each other previosuly".