V86®: After the accident - Hamre puts out an upset alert - "Good feeling"

Frode Hamre sustained internal bleedings and injured his kidneys and his spleen when he was in an accident last Saturday.
The Norwegian champion trainer is now back at home again and hoping that his horses in Wednesday night's V86® will give him some consolation.
"I want to put out a warning for U.F. Andover Again. I have a good feeling about her" says Hamre about the possible upset.

It was last Saturday at the V75® races at Forus racetrack in Stavanger, Norway the accident took place. Frode Hamre drive the horse NY Diamond In The Sky when he got run into by another horse.
"It happened in the start. The other horse rammed me from the side. It was an excruciating pain" says Frode Hamre.

"Didn't get much sleep - under control now"
The 54 year old champion trainer was in a lot if pain and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital where they discovered that he had internal bleedings.
"I had injured my kidneys and my spleen and and when you suffer internal bleeding it's always serious and it makes you worried. I didn't get much sleep because whenever I fell asleep they woke me up every hour. When you have internal bleedings they don't want you sleeping for too long at a time".
"The doctors are saying that they have it under control now. They released me Sunday night and it felt good returning home".
How are you feeling now?
"I'm fine considering the circumstances. I'm on painkillers and I'm not allowed to work this week so I have to take it easy. It was one heck of a blow and the worst I've experienced in a sulky. At least nothing is broken and I won't need any more surgeries. I should be back driving again next week" says Hamre. 

"Was disappointed in him last time"
In the Wednesday night's V86® - which is shared between Solvalla and Åby - Frode Hamre is racing three horses. He has some interesting information and he thinks he has one pretty good chance but also a horse that the bettors might forget about.
"Ulk Delle Selve (V86-5) is a consistent horse who races well pretty much every time. He won on the front end two starts ago and he is very quick from the start. Last time I was disappointed in him when he gave up too easily. He raced against two pretty good horses but I thought I would win with him. He came back some at the end and this time he's got a good post position and Magnus Jakobsson a couple different options with the passing lane being there. I'm not making any changes but I don't think it's a really good chance. If he finishes top three or four I'm happy".

"In top form - I have a feeling about her"
U.F.Andover Again (V86-5) in the same race is in top form. She was locked in last time and she has raced against good horses and won in V75 before. I really want to put out a warning for her and if Kevin Oscarsson can find a spot and she gets a good trip she can really fly home. I have a good feeling about her. No changes and she is the better of my two horses in this race"
Alwaysinblackpedia (V86-7) won a V75 race in Sweden this time of the year last year and she always races well in Sweden. She benefits from the whip. Her last start was her first after a long break and she was very sluggish. I trained her a fast trip last week and she should wake up with that and the race the week before. She'll race much better this week and she's got a good post position and she's fast from the start. She should be right there for the win here if she's in full form" says Frode Hamre.