V86®: Almost died - now this super talent is back

He started his career off in the best of ways with two wins before he got seriously ill.
On Wednesday Dontbreakthebankås returns to the racetrack after almost a year.
"No matter who he races against he has a great chance" says trainer Lutfi Kolgjini.

Dontbreakthebankås (V86®-5) was expected to have a great three year old campaign after following up the win in his racing debut with an impressive performance at Solvalla. But instead of battling in the major three year old races, he had to battle for his life. 
"He suddenly came up lame and we thought it was just an abscess in his foot, so we waited for it to burst. But it wasn't an abscess. He had a small puncture wound in his leg that was infected with a bacterium that was eating away on his periosteum". 
The horse became very ill and had two surgeries. 
"They had to go in to the leg and clean it out and he was on antibiotics for a long period of time. The veterinarians did a tremendous job. We never thought he'd make it back to the races, we were happy to just save his life". 

"A horse with enormous abilities"
Against all odds Dontbreakthebankås is now back to the races. He's racing in V86-5 at Åby on Wednesday night and Lutfi Kolgjini sounds pleased with his giant talent. He measures 168 centimeters over the withers.
"He shows no signs of the old injury or the surgeries and feels great here at home. We have to take it one race at a time. I haven't trained him very fast, 1:20/2100 meters is the fastest he's been and he does that in his sleep".
How far do you think he can go?
"Just watch his second start where he won in 1:15.7 on a sloppy track and left the field behind him. He's a horse with enormous abilities that we expect a lot out of if nothing more happens to him. It's hard to say how long it takes to catch up to the best in his crop. Maybe not this year but in time, if he stays healthy and can keep improving we think he will be a top horse".

"He has a great chance"
Wednesday night Dontbreakthebankås is racing against seven other four year olds and he will most likely end up the favorite.
"He hasn't raced in a long time and I don't know his opponents but it would take one heck of a horse to beat him" says Kolgjini.
You have post one in 'volt' start, what do you think about that?
"He raced in 'volt' start once and had no problem with that. He's a very intelligent horse and quick too, despite his size, so it's not impossible that he can hold up the lead".
Without exaggerating you can say you're optimistic?
"No matter who he races against he has a great chance"

"In top form"
Lutfi Kolgjini has three more chances to find the winner's circle on this V86 card and here are his comments on those three horses:
"Rhesos Face (V86-1) had some vet work done and got some time off due to that. He feels as good as ever in training. He's good in this class and I think he'll be right there in the photo".
"See My Face (V86-3) solved his 2018 debut in the best of ways and Adrian (Kolgjini) was very happy when he trained him last Saturday. Maybe he can surprise them here despite the bad post position".
"Stronghold (V86-7/DD-1) once again drew a trailing position which is not good since he keeps running in. But he raced well in his last start. He got stuck behind a tired horse on the backside but finished very well. So he's in top form!"