V86®: Coldbloods in focus when V86 goes north

Three coldbloods races on V86®.
That means Jan-Olov Persson is ready and he is sending out eight horses from a stable in very good form.
"Järvsö Elling is my best chance" says the coldblood specialist who swims his horses a lot.

Bollnäs is hosting V86® this Wednesday where three of the eight legs are coldblood races.
"I think it's great. We have nice coldbloods and nice coldblood races. I don't understand the tracks who won't take the chance to showcase them on these combined betting forms" says Jan-Olov Persson. 
The Hagmyren licensed trainer is the king of coldbloods in Sweden with 96 horses in training - all coldbloods. 
The stable has started the year strongly and Jan-Olov Persson is currently sitting third in the trainer standings in the entire country with 58 wins behind Robert Bergh (79) and Peter Untersteiner (69). 
"And yet it was a difficult winter for training. Up here we usually always get snow. But the pool we've built - Järvsöfaks spa - has meant a lot. We use it frequently and let the horses swim a lot. The water is at room temperature, 16-18 degrees Celsius". 
Do you swim yourself too? 
"Yes, on Tuesdays in Iggesund where it's warmer, 27 degrees. If not I won't go in. Unfortunately it's closed due to the Corona virus. It's a good workout". 

Fresh off a V75® win
Jan-Olov Persson has eight starters on V86. 
V86-2 is a race for three, four and five year old colblooded fillies and mares. The four year olds will start with a 20 meter handicap and the five year olds will start another 20 meters behind. 
"1 Järvsö Majlis (V86-2) is pretty good but needs a covered up trip. She's in tough against good horses starting behind her so it will be tough for her".
"3 Backestjärna (V86-2) will race with a pull off earhood and a blind bridle this time. She's good if she just minds her manners. We'll see if she can get away trotting in the start". 
Is she the stable's best chance in this race?
"She's a year older at least". 
In V86-4 Jan-Olov Persson also has two starters. 
"5 Gott Klirr (V86-4) won on V75 at Gävle two Saturdays ago and was very good then. Different conditions this time with 1,640 meters behind the gate and a very good opponent, Månlykke A.M.".
"6 B.W. Prinsen (V86-4) hasn't raced in a long time. He can leave fast but we'll take this race to see where's he's at". 
V86-6 is the feature of the night, 'H.R.H. Princess Madeleine's Trophy - to preserve the Swedish coldblooded trotter' for four year old with a SEK 150,000 first prize. Persson has four horses in this race and this is also where we find his best chance of the night. 
"3 Byske Philip (V86-6) is a very good horse. He was the runner up in last year's Kriterium and he's starting to get going now. 1,640 meters with the gate should fit him well". 
"5 Juni Jo (V86-6) hasn't raced in a while, but he was good at three, so it will be interesting to see. I don't really see him winning this". 
"6 Tekno Viking (V86-6) is coming along very well. He was good last year too, when he only lost one race. He will be exciting to see". 
"8 Järvsö Elling (V86-6) is my best chance. He's been very good. He closed out his three year old campaign very nicely. Yes, he is my best chance".