V86: Emoji gives Flemming hope for the future

The fall season is usually Flemming Jensen's season and he likes to make the trip over to Sweden.
On Wednesday when V86 is split between Solvalla and Åby, the Dane visits a quartet of horses.
"My horses feel good and my best chance is Emoji, who I hold in very high regards" says the Danish native.

After a few hectic weeks with lots of racing and lots of success, Flemming Jensen chooses to load up the truck and make the trip to Sweden and to Åby racetrack on Wednesday.
"When the opportunity comes up and the horses are in good form, I don't hesitate to make the trip to Sweden to race, even if there's a lot of logistics involved. We are used to traveling and I have a good staff so that's no problem".
Flemming Jensen and Steen Juul are the most successful trainers in Denmark and their stables earn the most by far, every year. But compared to the highest earning stables in Sweden, it's just pocket change.
"We often race for a first prize of DKK 5-6,000, sometimes DKK 10,000 and it's not good enough. Unfortunately, I don't see any light at the end of that tunnel either and it's such a shame, there's not much hope for the trotting business in Denmark".
Summer is still trying to hang on, but fall is soon upon us and that is the season when Flemming Jensen's horses usually do well.
"I actually haven't thought much about that. It might just be a coincidence. Maybe there's more daytime racing and more fitting classes in the fall".

Good enough also in Sweden
A horse that Flemming Jensen believes a lot in is Emoji (V86-1), both on Wednesday and also for the future.
"He's a very nice horse, maybe the best horse I have in my stable now. Eros Zola is also very good and not far behind and both of them are good enough also in Sweden".
Emoji was supposed to have raced a week ago but was then scratched sick (coughing).
"Unfortunately he has some throat issues and I think I have had to scratch him three times this year due to his throat. He hasn't lost anything as far as his form goes. It doesn't feel like it in training at least. Emoji has no problem with the long distance and the post position is pretty much ideal. Emoji should be able to end up on the photo. I'm not making any changes and he is my best chance on Wednesday".

Here are Flemming Jensen's comments on his other V86 starters:
"Come On Party (V86-5) raced badly in her last start and I have no explanation. We have gone over her but haven't been able to find anything wrong. She trains well and she has raced well and been very consistent all year so the effort in her last start was very odd. She drew badly and over the short distance, it will be tough for her to get in the race. She is good for her class, but from this post position, I have to lay low".
"Enforalle P. (V86-7) is better than he looks in the program and he has had some bad luck in a few starts. He raced very well in the spring, but then lost his form and hasn't really found it again. He will race in an American sulky this time, which he hasn't done in a while now".
"Dekanen K. (V86-7) is in good form. He made a break in his last start but came back strongly. It feels like he's in good form in training and I think he will race well too. He drew a bit to the outside and he might get in trouble from out there. Dekanen K. will race in an American sulky for the very first time".