V86®: "I have to believe I have a good chance to win"

10 wins in 13 starts.
Brenne Odin likes to win.
On Wednesday many bettors will leave him singled on their V86 tickets.
"I have to believe I have a good chance" says the trainer Jens Kristian Brenne.

The coldblood Brenne Odin is a real talent who has an exciting future ahead of him. So far he has won 10 out of 13 starts. He started off his career with eight straight wins. One of those starts was the coldblood Kriterium, which he won very easily.
"I felt early that he would be a good horse. He does it very easily and he is also a horse who is very easy to be around. He is a true gentleman and never really does anything wrong. He is more or less a complete racehorse and if I have to highlight one thing that he is extra good at, it would be his tremendous speed".
Brenne Odin is a true family horse. He is bred by Jens Kristan's dad, Vidar Asgeir Brenne who also is involved in Brenne Odin's daily routine.
"It's a lot of fun having such a nice horse together and to have been on this journey from the beginning".

Aiming at two Derbys
As a four-year-old, Brenne Odin is being aimed at two races by trainer Jens Kristian Brenne.
"The Derbys, both the Swedish Derby and the Norwegian one. We are first aiming at a race at Bollnäs in June, H.K.H Prinsessan Madeleines Pokal and after that the focus is set at the Swedish Derby eliminations".
On Wednesday, V86 is split between Åby and Romme and Brenne Odin is goes out to better his form even more. He will be the giant favorite despite starting with a 40 meter handicap.
"It's not so strange that he is the favorite, but he is not in top form yet. He gets better and better and I was very happy with him last time he raced. He won easily and he wasn't especially tired. He sets the bar very high. The top form is supposed to come in the Derby".
How do you evaluate his chances to win?
"It is by no means enough to just show up. Baias who starts 40 meters ahead of us is a good horse and he will most likely take the lead. There are many horses to go around and it could be many lengths to make up. I would like him to get a good trip and to save his speed to the end. I think he has a good chance to win, but like I said, then he can't run into any traffic trouble. No changes - shoes, a regular sulky and an open bridle".