V86®: "I think all three should be considered early"

Frode Hamre is off to a flying start in 2021.
The Norwegian top trainer has a trio of horses racing on V86® - two at Åby and one at Solvalla.
"I can promise that I have three horses in top form and I want to put up a warning for all three".

Frode Hamre has kick-started the year back home in Norway and the stable is already on top in most standings. He has won half of the races he has driven himself. 
"The year has started very well for the stable. We have a very high win percent and I'm in very good driving form myself and it helps when the horses are as good as they are right now. The secret is simple. It's all thanks to hard work and we had a good winter without any problems". 
"We have been able to train the way we want and we haven't had to cancel any training days and the horses have stayed sound and healthy which is a must in order to get results. The stable is a mix of old and young and then there's a certain Ecurie D...."
"We have great depth and that's what makes me the most satisfied. The young horses look good and we have horses who are good enough in all classes. To have a horse like Ecurie D. makes the day easier too". 

"He is right where I want him"
To not talk about Ecurie D. is impossible. The five year old star trotter is this year stepping into the older elite and Ecurie D. was the first horse to get invited to Elitloppet, but before that there is another big race on his schedule. 
"He will race May 8 in the final of the Paralympic Trot at Åby. I trained him last Friday and he felt good and he is right where I want him now. He hasn't had any issues and it feels that he has taken another step up which he will need, it's windy in the top".
There will be a good amount of traveling to Sweden, not only with Ecurie D.
"That's right. We have several horses who are good enough and it's easy to travel and we want to race for the big money when we have the chance".
On Wednesday the Hamre stable has horses racing at both Solvalla and Åby and it's a trio in good form.  
"I don't know the opponents that well but all three of mine are in great shape and are training well"- 
"6 Sofies Case (V86-2) is a very nice mare who has won 12 out of her 22 career starts and that says a lot about her. She has won all four of her starts this year and she's been good in all of them and she's very versatile as a racehorse. She trains well and she is still improving. It's hard for me to estimate her chances in a race like this. It's a tougher field than what she is used to but on the other hand she wins a lot of races and I hope she will end up on the photo". 
"3 Pantani (V86-3) has made two starts this year and I've been very happy with him. He keeps training well and he's getting better and better. He showed a few times last year that he's competitive in Sweden and he raced well in S:t Leger when Power set a new world record. Pantani can be lazy and uninspired at times and it's an advantage that the driver gets to use a whip to keep him on the bit". 
"3 Admiral Knick (V86-7) is a horse I'm also very satisfied with. He's in top form and he trains well. He has a good post position and he can leave a little better than average. He was one of the better four year olds in Norway last year and I hope and think can he can take another step up this year. He has started the year promising and I think he will race well too and I'm not making any chances on my horses for this week".