V86® (jackpot): "We have aimed for this race for a while"

It started with success with Bestofdream Trio.
Now, trainer Admir Zukanovic hopes that Beatrice Trio will make a similar journey.
"She's a very good mare and this looks good on paper for her, she has a good chance to win" says the Åby licensed trainer about the start on V86® this Wednesday.

In February, Bestofdream Trio showed up in the Admir Zukanovic stable. The horse came with a good record from Italy and came out on V75® already in his first start here. It ended in success. Despite an initial break, Bestofdream Trio rounded the entire field and won easily. After another top effort, the horse was sold to Norway and Erik Killingmo, where he continued to progress. He was invited to the Paralympic Trot, but made a break there.
After the success with Italian horses, more have made the trip up north. 
"Right now we have three Trio horses and they are all good horses who should be able to make good money going forward and hopfully we can get some more after that. Bengt Holm has all the connections there. He was trainer in Italy for 20 years and he has people that he trusts, who know which horses can be sent up here. He is very valuable, not only because of all his connections but he is also good to bounce ideas off of" says Admir Zukanovic. 
V86 this week is being raced at the mile track in Tingsryd and the card comes with a jackpot. The Zukanovic stable has two starters and 3 Beatrice Trio (V86-1) will attract a lot of interest from the bettors.
"She's a very nice mare who has won easily in both her starts since coming to us. An elegant and fast mare who hasn't made the money to match her ability. We have aimed for this race for a while and she is in top form and she drew a good post position too. Without having studied the race too closely, she should have a pretty good chance to win. She is very good for this class".
It doesn't like as good on paper for 11 Benny Trio who drew in the second tier in V86-2. 
"He has made one start for us and I think he was good even if he got tired at the end. He got a pretty tough trip and he hadn't raced for a while. He will be better this time and I hope and think that he will do well in this class going forward. From this post position we hope for a high pace, and with some racing luck he could surprise”.