V86®: Long strides to yet another victory

She has a very long and flat stride.
Queen of Trixs won at 72-1 in her first start for her new trainer André Eklundh.
Not even the trainer had anticipated how quick the mare was out of the gate.
"She's such a pleasant mare" says the Åby licensed Eklundh as the mare is in to go again on V86® this Wednesday at Solvalla.

U.S. born Queen of Trixs came to Sweden and to trainer Robert Bergh in January after having raced for two seasons in North America for trainer Lucas Wallin. 
André Eklundh took over the training duties in August. 
Her first start for the new barn was at Solvalla two weeks ago in a race for four year old mares where Quees of Trixs flew to the lead from post position six behind the gate. 
Eklundh had a feeling that his mare was quick out of the gate, just not that quick. 
"I thought it felt like a mare who could leave well, but I had only trained her at 1:30 speed so I couldn't know for sure. I asked her to go once behind the gate and she just flew to the lead. So obviously she is quick" says André.
On Wednesday she's in a similar race as the one she won at Solvalla. V86-4 is a race for four year old mares over 1,640 meters. 
Eklundh's new acquisition starts from post position five behind the gate this time. 
"Considering that she comes from the States and is used to racing one mile, the short distance is an advantage". 

Made the Hambletonian Oaks final
in 2019 Quees of Trixs made it to the final of the Hambletonian Oaks where she finished sixth and outside the money for driver Örjan Kihlström. From post position eight she never really got into the race. 
After having made a few starts for Roberth Bergh this year, André Eklundh got the call to train the daughter of Trixton. 
"Bergh said he didn't get what he wanted out of her so he recommended the owners to try elsewhere and that's when they reached out to me. I've never been in touch with them before so it's very nice that they have faith in us" says Eklundh.

"...a ton in my hands"
Queen of Trixs, with over SEK 1 million in earnings let the 1/9 favorite and four time millionaire (SEK) Golden Tricks take over the lead in the race at Solvalla. 
So instead it turned into a pleasant pocket trip after 700 meters for Eklundh's mare who could get out already with 400 meters to go and surprisingly trotted past the Daniel Redén trained Golden Tricks right before the finish line. 
She won at the odds of 72-1 that time. In the race this Wednesday she will be among the two, three most bet mares in the field. 
"The first 200-300 meters of the race was very quick, but she listened very well to me when I grabbed into her to slow the pace down and she didn't pull at all in the lead. When Örjan made his move the only real option was to let him go. When I moved her out I had a ton in my hands and I just hand drove her untill 100 meters before the wire when I saw that Örjan's mare started tiring. That's when I pulled the earplugs and she had both the strength and the courage to put her head first" says Eklundh and adds:
"That was very impressive considering the speed she had to use to get the lead in the start". 
Queen of Trixs is the horse in the middle of the photo that was taken just before the finish line. You can see what a long stride she has. She stands out in the races with her long, flat strides. 
"She has an incredible gait. She's almost horisontal, with her head low and her long, flat gait which is very nice. It's very effective. She's not big, but her stride is long and she's very quick". 
How do you like her chances in the race on Wednesday?
"I'm driving 1 Gobi Princess myself who is also very quick out of the gate and who also likes racing in the lead. I don't know if she is quick enough to hold out Queen of Trixs, so I guess we'll have to see how qucikly Erik can get her to leave. If I can hold up the lead with Gobi, then I will race her there and won't let anyone go". 
So the one out of your two that makes it to the lead should have the best chance to win?
"Yes, if one of them would get the lead that one should have a good chance to win. I chose to drive Gobi Princess myself since she's a tricky mare who is up and down and sometimes struggles around the turns. Erik (Adielsson) fits most horses. I haven't really figured Gobi Princess out just yet but she's just as good as Queen of Trixs if I can just figure out what's bothering her. Both my mares will race with the same equipment as they have done previously. 
So we can note that Gobi Princess and Quees of Trixs are two mares for the future.
"Let's hope so. Gobi Princess is qualified for the Breeders Crown semi finals, while Queen of Trixs might not have enough points to make it. The owners haven't decided if Queen of Trixs will race another year or get bred, it depends on how she races over the winter. We just hope we can continue this trend with her" says the Åby licensed trainer André Eklundh.